Nursing On Call: A Day in the Life On-call | Nurse Stefan

all right so I figured I’d do a little
bit of explanation on what on-call is when you’re working on call as a nurse
on-call essentially is when the hospital needs you they call you then
usually have a certain amount of time for us it’s thirty minutes to get there
so when you’re on call, oh, well my roomba kicking off, waht’s up buddy essentially I got off
work at uhhh 10:20 last night got home at about 10:30 because I live pretty close
I was on the phone for a little while and then at about midnight I went to lay
down and lay down for bed cuz I was like who knows when you’re getting your
called right so 12:20 they call me I hadn’t been asleep yet I got out of
there probably at about 2:15 I got home and realistically probably got the bed
at about 2:30 or 2:45 so I’m up in the morning I’m not a morning person because
I know you got to get up in the morning if you want to uh you know get done
because you never know when they’re gonna call you right got my pack of
mambas for sure always I got my phone and I got a missed call, one minute ago hey, stefan yeah whatup man they’re doing a lap-appy they got the specimen out they’re still workin but haven’t closed yet within the next 5 minutes or so they should be starting closing so i think you guys should be heading in soon yeah yeah
yeah yeah I’ll be on the way ok bud alright brother all right right on man ok later bud alright late essentially now, since that call came in that’s when i start getting all my (beep) together once they call so I have a half an hour
to do that um yeah how could I look a little more homeless it’s the last night I got
off at 10:20 when my call started at 11 12 o’clock I go to lay down midnight and
then I get a call at 12:20 was there until about 2:15 I got to sleep at about
2:45 we’ll say I woke up early cuz you’ve got it you want to get all of your
stuff done and that’s why I got the dishwasher going and I got them
drying now took all my supplements I had some oatmeal I got all my stuff ready to
go I mean believe it or not looking like this going to work I think I’m golden so
uh let’s roll all right you be good okay don’t be
acting up no partying I know you and the broom like to get down sometimes… none of that so you always got to be ready to go I okay let’s roll i may not look like I’m ready for work
but I’m ready for work now this is why i don’t get ready at home, feel me? actually I should probably go
clock in (laughs) well now it’s about 5:15 went in at about 9:30
this morning finally getting home we’re gonna eat something anyway out for the
day okay so it is uh 7:17 and I’m going back
in for more call can’t catch a break i was on my way to the gym too… giving you
an idea of what it’s like all right just alright I’m just gettin back from call it’s 1:34 in the
morning finally getting done with call and I’m not
even done yet because I’m on until 8:00 in the morning so if anything else comes
in got to go so I’m gonna try and get as much sleep as I can right now
wish me luck peace.

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