Nursing Is a Calling

In college I decided medical school wasn’t for me. I wasn’t excited about it. I’ve always been drawn to healthcare ever since high school. I don’t know why, it just feels… it just feels right. I kept picturing myself as a nurse and that I would be really happy there. They have such a strong relationship with their patients. I love patient interaction. Just working with patients and seeing new people everyday, and meeting them and hearing their stories I think is very rewarding. Nursing got me so excited and really ignited my passion. I wake up every day excited for it. And I haven’t had that yet so I realized nursing is probably the best route for me. There’s a lot of opportunity for growth and different ways you can go. You can get nurse practitioner you can go Doctorate, you can go midwifery you can do research… You can do anything under the sun, so I just love all the opportunity available. I was a science teacher. I was a medical assistant and now I’m going to be a nurse.

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