Nursing at Johns Hopkins | Who is a Johns Hopkins Nurse?

[MUSIC] There’s no more important part
of the caregiving team in any hospital than the nurse. They are the central
focus of the delivery of the quality of care that we’re
so proud of at Johns Hopkins.>>As a Hopkins, you’re seen as
Is a leader in the community, and so people are always
interested in what we’re doing. Nursing has really become
a full partner at the table. They’re involved in
discussions that are throughout the organization about how we
do things here at Hopkins. The other difference I think
is that we’ve become much more global. So we’re involved in
things that are going on. In other states,
in other countries, and throughout the world,
which is also very exciting.>>Now there’s much closer
relationships between physicians and both bedside nurses, as well
as advanced practice nurses. And that’s a very
big difference. It means that there’s
much more and professional communication
that goes on a daily basis and at multiple times in
the course of the day. In the end I think it’s lead to
better care for the patients. And it’s very different
than when I started.>>Our nurses are incredibly
detailed oriented, there’s no detail that’s unimportant
in the care of patients.>>The unique characteristics
of a Hopkins nurse that’s well reputed is that
they always ask why. Nursing really takes a lot
of pride in being part of the education of others,
including each other. So we do ask why a lot. We know not everybody is here
at the same time with the same amount of experience. We ask why so everybody learns. Nurses today are true
multitaskers.>>At Hopkins we have a tri-part
mission of clinical care, education, and research. And nurses are an integral
part of that tri-part mission.>>Johns Hopkins’ nurses really
like to make a difference. [MUSIC]

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  1. Your video has inspired me to become a nurse. Thank you, for sharing your video.
    P.S. God loves the world so much that he gave his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Anyone, who believes in him, shall have everlasting.

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