Nurses Reveal Their Horror Stories

– It’s either like a toe falling
off or like a leaky penis. (whimsical music) – Hi, my name is Michelle Stevenson and I’ve been an LVN for nine years. I worked at a community
hospital for years. I had a patient in the ER
and he was yelling in pain. He was yelling up and
down my emergency room, like just got out of his room, and like with the biggest boner
ever I’ve seen and he goes, “What am I gonna do with this dick?” And I was, “Put it away.” But I said it in my mind, (laughs) right? He ended up, he had a penile fracture. Penile fracture refers
to traumatic rupture of the tunica albuginea
and the corpora cavernosa, so it requires urological surgery, and there’s no bone in there,
but he like really broke it. It was like, there’s always a
curve that women can handle, like we’re going somewhere. He was going in a different direction, because he decided to do
cocaine and Viagra. (laughs) – [Producer] At the same time!? – Yeah, don’t do coke and Viagra. Please, it’s not what
you think it’s gonna be. You think it’s gonna be an endless party, but it’s always a urological
surgery for a man in his 60s. – One time, I was accused
of stealing a body. (record scratches) Hi, my name is Doni, I’ve
been a nurse for 14 years. 16, sorry, 16 years. We’re doing training for the new residents and the new nurses, so we typically have
this life-size mannequin, it’s a great high-fidelity mannequin. It can cry, it can sweat, it can tear up, the throat closes if it has an allergy. It’s so realistic that
I was moving the body, I mean, not the body, but the
mannequin’s body in a gurney and was rolling it out of the hospital and somebody called 911. Next thing you know,
security was running for me thinking I was stealing a body. Yeah, I took the white sheet
out of the mannequin like, “Look, it’s not an actual
patient, please uncuff me.” No, they didn’t handcuff
me, but they were about to. I was like, “No, look,
it’s an actual mannequin, “it just looks so real.” So, pro-tip for future nurses: if you’re gonna take a mannequin out, don’t cover its head thinking
that you’re hiding it. People will just think it’s a dead body. – Hi, my name is Kat, I’ve
been a nurse for four years, I actually work in the ER. So one time I had a patient
come in by ambulance and the chief complaint was, you know, found down, weakness. And so you go in there and
there’s that smell again, you’re just like, (exhales) smells like there was a code brown, maybe? So code browns are obviously
a play on a code blue. A code blue is a very serious, you know, someone not breathing, someone
you have to resuscitate, but a code brown is a little more playful. It’s basically when someone
has a bowel movement and then you have to clean them up and so you kinda just like announce it ’cause you don’t ever want to say like, “Hey, bed three pooped.” You just say, “Hey, bed
three had a code brown” and then everyone kind
of just is like, “Oh.” So anyways, I was like
hey, Joey, Christian, like I have a run in room
17, I’ll be right in there, like could you help me out? So I go in there, and they’re
already cleaning him up, and I was like, oh my gosh,
lemme go get some supplies, lemme get more towels,
like let me get the soap. I kinda take like a little
longer than I probably should’ve ’cause there’s already
supplies in the room, I was just getting extra supplies. And so I was just like,
I got a mask for myself, I put like a little
essential oils in there, put that on, I gowned
up, it’s called a PPE, it’s ’cause I don’t wanna get poop on me. They did not have PPEs in the room. So I go in the room and I’m like, “Hey, what else do you guys need?” And they’re like, “Kat,
he’s already cleaned up.” And I was like oh, (claps)
you guys, thank you! And the patient was really very friendly, and he even laughed, he was
like, “It took you a long time.” And I was like, (laughs) “Oh my god.” (claps) My own patient called me out! So then obviously when
you do favors for favors, like of course the rest of the day they’re literally giving
me shit the whole day. Those situations become
stories you just tell forever. – Hi, my name’s Courtney, I’ve
been a nurse for four years. I’m doing like a routine dressing change on this patient’s foot. Any time you have
peripheral vascular disease, so poor circulation, diabetes, and just honestly with old age, you know, we lose circulation. I think this patient also
had a multitude of issues. At this point, the toes are necrotic, which mean they’re black,
it’s not viable tissue. We’re pretty much just
trying to stop decay, we’re not gonna really heal the feet, ’cause it wasn’t just one toe, it was like all the toes were black. So I’m just unwrapping the gauze, ’cause it had a bunch of gauze. As I’m taking it off, and the family was in the
room too, I’m taking it off, and part of the gauze like
pulls a piece of the toenail and the tip of the toe, and it’s one of those moments where again, you’re like, as a nurse, I
can’t really say anything or make any reactions, and so I just quickly
kinda like held the toe, kept it in place, like
pulled off the gauze, and I was like, “Oh my gosh.” I feel like this is horrible, but I honestly thought
of like a zombie movie where like limbs are falling off and you know, (laughs) it’s like, okay, this definitely is
not the expected reaction when I’m doing a dressing change, especially ’cause like the
toenail was coming with it, that was just the worst part. I honestly just like put it back kind of where it was
supposed to go (laughs) and continued with the dressing change. Nursing, you know, you
gotta expect the unexpected, but at the end of the
day I love what I do, I get to care for people,
and it’s honestly a passion. (whimsical music)

100 thoughts on “Nurses Reveal Their Horror Stories

  1. 3:55 IDK why everyone is hating on Kay when she explains that because she made them clean alone they made her do other tasks and basically called her on it all shift. Also I really love when people go on BuzzFeed videos in the side that they can judge all of these professional people on 3 to 4 minute videos. Like you can just tell she’s a HORRIBLE nurse based on what? The one minute that she had to tell her story?

  2. I’m currently on shift right now at the ED, and Kat is literally the kind of nurse I HATE TO WORK WITH. Please stop working in an ED if you are that kind of person. You are part of the problem.

  3. I despise chics like kat. They are the worst nurses. Very selfish..and they laugh it off thinking it's cute. These are the nurses that walk away from responsibility or anything unpleasant. Guess what kat..NURSING IS ALL ABOUT UNPLEASANT SITUATIONS THAT GROSS YOU OUT. I seriously hope she quits . After 23 years I can spot a bad egg. The lazy entitled nurses and the great nurses dive right in and help. I've seen nurses HIDE during a crisis, do very sloppy work, literally dont give 2 shits about people. It's a fantastic feeling when they get fired because they give nurses a bad look.

  4. Idk why I’m commenting this but my moms a nurse and I wanna be somewhere in that field but instead a plastic surgeon I’m young but I definitely know that’s it I don’t mind tissue blood or anything really so yeah

  5. Idk why but I’m not that mad at Kat lmao. Would’ve done the same thing. Then again I could never be a nurse for that reason sooo..

  6. I had a nurse like Kat once. She made me feel upset and I was alone with her for a lot of time. I was bedridden and stuck with this nurse. I would cry when she was rostered to look after me because she was exactly the same as Kat. People with that type of attitude don’t deserve to be nurses

  7. You only watched one interview of Kat and you're judging her already. We don't know what she is doing literally as a nurse. No one's perfect. Let's be nice with our words.

  8. I’ve heard the term “code brown” refers to a hazardous spill. I guess every hospital has different codes for different events.

  9. 99% of the comments: “oMg Kat is suCh a bAd nuRse”
    1% of the comments: other nurses claiming they have cooler stories

  10. I had a patient with a morphine PCA who got very confused during the night thinking he killed all the patients in his bay and holding the PCA yelling that he was going to blow up the hospital if we try to tell the police ahah…

  11. Do psychiatric nurses next!!! I work as a psych tech on an inpatient unit (currently in nursing school) and my stories from being there for only a year are 10x more interesting than these!!! Been kicked, slapped, punched, pushed, called EVERY name in the book. I’ve had pts pick their stitches open and write on the wall with blood. Come on give us better stories 😭

  12. I worked in an Alzheimer’s unit, it was always kinda sketch. I’ve had tables and chairs thrown at me, been punched cussed out and told to kill myself or go jump in a lake lol. Had to clean poop off the ceiling and windows and walls . Still my favorite people to work with 🙂 love the Alzheimer’s unit

  13. Can people calm down about Kat .She said they all just laughed about it later. I didn’t even think she was bad. Like she tells one story and everyone is pissed off

  14. You must be noobs. The real things are far more gross. And I especially hate the nurses who won't do their job right or those who think they're somewhat bigger than their colleagues

  15. I was about to say “Kat” is the lazy person I don’t like. “OH MY GAWDDD”. I don’t even know her and damn I’m annoyed.

  16. Had a patient come to us in surgery to remove a dildo from his sigmoid colon… folks, don’t let go of your dildos.

  17. These were the worst things these nurses have seen? THIS IS NOTHING. I've seen worse things at a 1 week stint at an ER.

  18. Giiiiirl, if you’ve been a nurse for four years and still gotta put on PPE and a mask with essential oils to clean up some poop we’ve got to talk. Sincerely, been a nurse for a year and clean up poop every night I work shrug

  19. I feel like these comments should cut Kat a little slack… Because most of the people writing the comments are probably laying in bed eating croutons

  20. These were harious. All people who work within the medical/healthcare field should be paid very well. They help save lives.

  21. I'm surprised no one has commented about Courtney. Jesus Christ. Beautiful face, but and even more beautiful rack.

  22. Nooo come on, Kat. Do not be that person who shoves the cleaning work to your colleagues, they can only resent you for it, in the long run.

  23. I saw the comments first and they were complaining about Kat. I thought she did something REALLY BAD but once I found out…I’m like. Really all this for that

  24. Code brown in Canada would be so confusing.. coz here it means that there is a chemical spill or something hazardous

  25. Yea Kat would be the worst nurse to work with. I’ve worked with nurses like her before and trust me they are not liked.

  26. kat's horror story actually belongs to her colleagues who had to do her job for her. sounds like she was kinda proud of herself too!

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