Nurses of Aventura Hospital & Medical Center

– I actually got my job here the last day of my clinical rotation. So, like, I’ve been Aventura
since school (laughs). – My mom was a NICU
nurse and I just always would go and visit her when she was at the hospital and I just felt like I was at home there. – I chose to work in Aventura because I always liked the area. – Oh, there’s a lot to do. Well, right down the street, is a mall. A very good mall, and. – You’re in close proximity to South Beach and downtown Miami. – And there’s Lincoln Road and there’s Winwood, and there’s just. – A lotta night life. It’s a fun area to live. – So the atmosphere here, at
Aventura, is very special. – It’s a beautiful facility. You walk in and there’s
a nice little waterfall, and I think I feel very at home here. When you walk into some hospitals, you kinda get an impersonal feel, and I feel like a very
good vibration here. – It’s great. It’s a genuinely supportive environment. I haven’t had an, you know,
I’ve never felt alone here. – I just love the environment of cardiac surgery, ’cause
you fix the problem. The patient comes in. They’re acutely ill and they go home in a few days, feeling much better. – I really do get a lot of satisfaction. I feel humbled everyday
that people trust me. I can take care of them. – We feel like family, ’cause we are. This is our second family. When we leave our homes, we come to another home for about
12 to 13 hours a day. – When I came in, they
were very welcoming. Great, great training. – Once you ask someone for help,
we’re there for each other. – I’m still learning. Every patient’s different, and they’re very helpful in telling you this is exactly what’s going on and
this is how we treat it. The nurse managers are always willing to give a helping hand. – We have great nurses,
great administration. I can’t complain. I mean, at least in behavioral health, I can say that I definitely feel like it is a team atmosphere. – Come in and try and immerse
yourself in this culture. That’s the first thing.

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  1. I want to work there when I get my ADN while continuing for my BSN then work for 3-5 years as a BSN-RN then continue for my masters to become a NP! I can't wait.

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