Nurses Deserve Praise: Be proud to be a nurse!

Some people think that nursing is a run of
the mill job that takes minimal skills. I have been asked: Why do nurses deserve praise?
The purpose of this video is to answer this question and show just how awesome being a
nurse really is. Nurses have worked hard to be recognized as
professionals. Here are a few reasons that nurses are respected as professionals.
It takes intelligence to become a nurse. Nurses need to be logical, intellectual, critical
thinkers to respond to the needs of clients on a daily basis.
To become a nurse you need specialized education from an accredited college or university.
This education takes years and has a reputation for being difficult because nurses are expected
to know a lot of information. Nurses have a specialized body of knowledge
at a high intellectual level that is well-defined, well-organized, and constantly evolving through
ongoing research to expand this knowledge base. Nurses use this learning to improve
client care and education. Nurses engage in Evidence Based Practice.
When making decisions, critical thinking is used to integrate client preferences with
the best research, clinical expertise and available resources.
We advocate for our client’s right to make informed decisions regarding their health
care. Nurses are also committed to advocating for a higher standard of health care for the
people in our communities. We participate in lobby the government for needed changes
on a municipal, provincial, national and international level. Nurses also advocate for freedom, professional
growth and economic security for practitioners. As advocates we are assertive inside and outside
of the healthcare setting. This assertiveness is needed to protect the rights of our clients
and our profession. Nurses balance this assertiveness with caring
and empathy to help people get through the hardest times in their lives. Often what a
client remembers most about a nurse is the caring expressed. Nursing is truly both an
art and a science. We are accountable for our own actions and
are self-governed. Being self-governed means that nurses create and enforce professional
policies for members. Our organizations also encourage ongoing professional development
and high standards of practice. Nurses adhere to standards of practice, and use ethical
codes of conduct and best practices to guide decisions.
“Nurse” is a protected title. To call yourself a nurse you need to be licensed. Being licensed
means that nurses must meet minimum requirements set by the college on an ongoing basis. After
completing the required schooling, graduates need to pass licensing exams before they can
be called a nurse. Once registered as a nurse, there are standards of practice and ongoing
learning that are required to maintain this license.
Nurses are able to contribute their unique perspective to improving health care in a
variety of ways. Nursing is truly a rewarding career choice with so many opportunities.
Yes, many nurses work in hospitals. However, there are many other career paths that nursing
can take. Nurses work in the community, clinics, long term care, health and safety programs
for companies, research, teaching, governments, management of organizations or as an entrepreneur
among other things. In all of these settings nurses function autonomously and are in control
of their own professional growth activity. In every setting, nurses engage in continuous,
lifelong learning to ensure we are delivering the best care possible.
We place the service of others above personal gain. Our work is an important part of our
lives that we are committed to. Our clients trust and respect the skills and
knowledge we bring to them to help them achieve their health goals.
Nursing services are vital – what would a world without nurses look like? Would you
want to be a patient in that health care system? I think nurses should be proud of their career.
I want to say a special thank you to all the students in these pictures who are proud to
be pursuing a career in nursing! Now, I want to ask you: Are you proud of nursing?
Why do you think nurses deserve praise? Please, share your stories!
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