Nurse “You’re Hot” – Skiing Scene | Fantastic Four (2005) Movie Clip 4K

Where do we think we’re going? I don’t know if we’ve noticed but the sickest runs this side of the Alps
are right outside that window. Yeah, I’ve noticed,
but there are rules here. – You can’t leave until we…
– Until we’ve finish the tests. I know, I’ve never been good with rules.
You let me know how those come out. – Do you wanna help me with this zipper?
– You know, this is not a ski resort. Not yet. Luckily, Grandma still sends
care packages, though. You know, it’s amazing, for an 80-year-old
woman, you’d be surprised… – You are trouble.
– Trouble is my middle name. You’re hot! Why, thank you. So are you.
And I’m not afraid to cry. No, I mean, you feel a little feverish. Well, I’ve never felt better in my life.
My God, you smell good. Listen, when do you get off work? -4:00, but I…
– Tell you what. You meet me at 4:01
at the top of the mountain. That’ll give you a minute to freshen up.
This is yours, that’s mine. Nurses! All right.
I think you should stay to the right. The left might give you trouble. – I think we should drop, like, 10 more feet.
– Good. Last one down springs for room service! That’s my future wife. You’re losing! All right, no more kid’s stuff. Check this out. You’re on fire. Thanks! You’re pretty good, too. No, you’re on fire. Look! Care to join me?

25 thoughts on “Nurse “You’re Hot” – Skiing Scene | Fantastic Four (2005) Movie Clip 4K

  1. You're hot!
    Why, thank you. So are you. And I'm not afraid to cry.

  2. It would have been funny if that very same nurse had treated Chris Evans in any Captain America or Avengers movie.

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