Nurse – registered

So my typical day involves
visiting people in the morning, generally to give medications. We also do things
such as attend wound care if somebody’s had surgery
or fallen over and knocked their arm. And then we also see people
for things like palliative care. So people that have been diagnosed
with something like cancer that… They want to stay at home, and we go
and care for them in their home. I really wanted to be in a profession
in which I was able to help people and change their lives. My grandma was quite unwell
and she was in hospital and I went to visit her
on several occasions and saw what the nurses did for her
and how they cared for her and that’s when I made my decision
to become a nurse. I applied for university
as I wanted to be a registered nurse and that degree involved
three years of study in which we attended lectures, but we were also able
to go on placement in hospital and practise our skills
and hands-on patient care. The most challenging part
about being a nurse, I feel, is dealing with people
with palliative diagnosis who are dying, and then often dealing
with people passing away and interacting with the family
and seeing how sad they are. That would be the hardest thing
for me. What inspires me to be a nurse is
the ability to change people’s lives. Visiting people in the community,
we see them in their own home. And just the way they react
and how happy we can make them and how much we help them become well
is what makes me want to do this job. To be a good nurse, I believe
that you need to have empathy, you need to be able to put yourself
in the position of your patients and feel what they are feeling. You also need to feel compassion and
be compassionate about your job. Other skills that
I believe you need to possess are you need to be organised, but you also need to be
a really good problem solver. I love my job because
it’s flexible, rewarding and you’re changing people’s lives.

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