Nurse Practitioner: Kelly H. Blessing, FNP

My name is Kelly Blessing,
I am a nurse practitioner. The aspects of medicine I most
like are probably vascular health, looking at heart attack stroke risk,
diabetes, and really trying to work on the education part of it with families and
with patients. To understand how they can do
their best for their own health. And the thing that I really has
drawn me back to Duke is the, everybody here kinda pushes each other to
become the best in the fields that they’re in, whether it be family practice,
cardiology, neurology. There’s always somebody behind the scenes
that’s really looking at the ways that we can best serve our patients. And provide the best
health care to patients. And that’s really, I think a strong point. The thing that I really try
to do is to think of each patient as being my family member. How would I explain, whether it be
a disease process, a medicine, something. How would I explain it to them so
that they have an understanding of what’s going on, why they’re on
a medicine and why they’re not? In a manner, cuz everybody comes
to the table with their own story.

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