Nurse Madison Connects with Jeffery | Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots | OWN

– Hey. Oh, hey. I’m leaving OK. Well, thanks again for
helping him the way you have. Yeah, sure, of course. It’s my job. Well, thank you. If you need anything,
just let Lindsay know, OK? She’s on call tonight.
– OK. All right, cool. Uh, hey. Are you always this attentive
with all your patients? Yeah. Oh, that’s good. Heh. I’m lying. You don’t remember me, do you. N– no, from– Grade school. I’m– I’m sorry. It’s OK. I remember you. You were on the wrestling team. I was always really,
really intimidated by you, but I always looked up to you. Really? Mm-hm. You remember Bobby Safeman? – Yeah.
– Yeah. He used to bully you. He bullied me, too. And he called you, like,
every gay slur in the book. Yeah, yeah. Wait. Maddy? Yeah. Madison.
– Wow. Yeah. Yeah, of course,
I remember you. You, uh– wow, you– you changed a lot. You lost, like, a lot of weight. A lot of weight, yeah. I’m actually going
to the gym right now. R– right, that’s awesome. Yeah. Well, I mean, you
look amazing, as always. Ah, thank you. I’m really sorry
about your dad. Yeah. Thanks. Why don’t you take my number? Um, yeah. Uh, here, just, uh,
you can go ahead and just put that in my phone. All right. So I want you to call me– OK. –so we can catch up,
get some dinner, OK? Cool, all right.
Thanks. – You going to call me?
– Yeah. I’ll call you, all right? Hey, Jeffrey. Who’s this? Hey, officer. This is Madison. This is, uh, my dad’s nurse. Oh. Well, you guys have a
good rest of your night, OK? I’ll see you later. All right. Thank you.

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