Nurse arrested for following hospital policy

the disturbing video comes from the
inside of an emergency room and the woman screaming a burn unit nurse who is
being arrested by a Salt Lake City police officer the incident captured by
police and hospital cameras happened in July but now the district attorney says
he wants a criminal investigation University of Utah nurse Alix wubble
says she was just doing her job following Hospital protocol by refusing
to let police take a blood sample from an unconscious patient nope wubble says
detective Jeff Payne demanded a blood sample from a car crash victim who was
in a coma and severely burned his truck smashed by a car racing from police
according to local media Bob Wills calmly explains the policy for obtaining
blood she even gets her supervisor on the phone who backs her up the tension
only escalates she’s the one that has told me no okay no we’re done we’re done
you’re under arrest we’ll go we’re done Salt Lake City’s
police chief apologized and said what happened was unacceptable I was alarmed
I want to be very clear we take this very seriously we’re now wobbles isn’t
filing a lawsuit I feel very strongly and giving people the benefit of the
doubt and I surely believe that he was honest in his apology and sincere and
his willingness to try and make change and make things better police release
wobbles without charges that day after she sat in the police car for 20 minutes
detective Payne said in a written report that his watch commander advised him to
arrest the nurse for interfering with a police investigation
hey another officer on administrative leave
as internal investigators looked into this startling incident dan Simon CNN
Salt Lake City

100 thoughts on “Nurse arrested for following hospital policy


  2. ''I want to be very clear, We TaKe thIS VeRy SERiouSly''
    Suck my dick. You guys never do, only saying it bc of all the medias attention.

  3. obviously don't take your duty and responsibility seriously when you have no respect for the people you are supposed to protect and serve and handle things wither terror tactics and brute force. this officer should be in federal prison for terrorizing this woman. you cannot go into a business or a university or hospital and tell them what their legal process is, they have their rights for things to be done a certain way for their own safety.

  4. Seems to me I hear more, and more of these kinda stories in the Midwest, Pacific coast region! Did you see chief of police? He looked like he wanted to crack a smile, or laugh about the incident! Probably the whole damn police force is crooked starting w/ the chief of police!

  5. Watching things like this makes me so scared. These people think they are gods, they can do anything they want. And they get away with it, so nothing to stop them.

  6. I know it's uncivilized…. but the moment that baldfuck assaulted that woman I wanted to gouge out his eyes…anyone else?

  7. She was doing not only her job but upholding the law which police seemed to ignore…this is outrageous. The officers should all be fired for assaulting a professional and negligence in their duties and oath to uphold the law.

  8. My daughter is an RN. That officer(I use that term loosely) ever handled my daughter like that and violated her civil rights and I'd knock his teeth so far down his throat he'd have to stick his toothbrush up his ass to brush them.

  9. What a boss that nurse is. She didn't sue because of this either. Stuck up for what was right, and then accepted the man's apology for what he did without trying to ruin his life. Amazing to see that in this day and age.

  10. Why do I get a shady feeling about this? I get the vibe that he’s corrupt and trying to hide something or act out on someone elses order. I have no fucking idea what it could be but I got that hunch from watching this. I mean why the fuck else would anyone act like this? It is so surreal. If it was because of his goddamn ego then that is almost just as bad lol and he needs to be forbidden to go anywhere near a job with people…

  11. Luckily we train our police in Germany better the training there are 3 years and if we have to fire we fire 1 round and not the whole magazine.

  12. Unlawfully arrested. Oh he only gets fired. YOU brake the law and go to jail. Police brake the law and maybe get fired.

  13. In the long run, she got PAID for doing her job and standing up for what was right. We need to clone her many times

  14. Cops are getting way out of control and act like cowboys and warlords, not peace officers.

    More cities will burn if they aren't put under control.

  15. CNN sucks, however, this is another power trippin dipshit not knowing his job and thinking he's above the law… there is no due process anymore and certainly no such thing as concent. Laws dont apply to those who have the right uniform and carry the magical badge.

  16. Before the hospital administers medications for their patient's treatments, they do their own independent blood draw to ensure the treatment medications don't conflict with other substances that could be in the patient's system already. There is more than one way to skin a cat; get an investigative subpoena for the hospital's independent sample… what a rookie.

  17. File that lawsuit!!!! The cops were wrong!! It is police officers like that make it tough for the rest of them to get the respect they deserve.

  18. Ok like why why that's all I want to ask the nurse is doing her job and she has done nothing wrong and I feel bad because they hurting her and so umm


  19. I would of file the biggest law suit against that officer, the police chief and the city or county of which run the police department.

  20. I’m honestly tired of the police apologizing at this point because this shit is still gonna happen🤦🏽‍♀️ like take their job away or move them to something else

  21. I’m a nursing assistant and I had a similar experience! A Patient’s wife wanted to hit me because she believed I was the reason why her husband acted like a 2 year old! the nursing supervisor had to grab her and hold her back!

  22. You cant sue a cop personally for violating your rights this is why they get away with doing this crap. They are protected by immune sovereignty.You can sue a doctor for messing you up but not a cop

  23. Just because you're a cop and "is the law" doesn't mean arrest someone that's doing their job when you're trying to do something illegal and can't stand telling no. If you're a fucking cop, you shouldn't cause drama and shit because YOU tried to do something against the hospital policy or whatever it's called.

  24. Disgusting f*cking "police officer", i mean is it not the cops' thing to follow rules and protocol? He arrested her for following the rules? She should definitely press charges

  25. Only in fucking America honestly you would never see shit like this happen in the uk this is supposed to be the most advanced country in the world 😂😂😂😂😂

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