Number of COVID-19 deaths in S. Korea rise to 6, confirmed cases spike to 602

our starting point this morning South
Korea’s rapidly expanding Kovach 19 cases has claimed more lives a number of
new cases confirmed over the weekend for more details we have our Kim Jiyeon on
the line for us G on the number of Kovac 19 related deaths and South Korea
tripled and single day of Sunday alone yes the total number of that due to the
virus rose from two to six people in a single day the third victim was a 41
year old male who was found dead Friday in his residence in Gyeongju City and
was confirmed to how the corona virus during an examination of his body the
fourth and six victims were patients at tenem Hospital in the southeastern city
of Chando where the country’s first coronavirus fatality took place and is
where at least 112 people have been infected with this the number of corona
virus related deaths that were hospitalized patients from the tenem
hospital has risen to four the fifth victim was a 57 year old female and is
known to be a member of the tegu based religious group known as Shin Chon ji
the number of newly confirmed patients increased by 169 in a single day on
Sunday Prem the previous say raising the total cases so far to 602 among those is
a 16 month old girl in Kimpo City the youngest among the confirmed so far
she’s believed to have been infected by her parents who were confirmed with the
virus the Korea Centers for Disease Control said son central disaster
headquarters says more than 8,000 diagnostic tests are underway in and
also delay the start of the new school year for a week from March 2nd to march
9th as a preventative measure this applies to all kindergarten elementary
middle high schools as well as special needs schools nationwide
I mean Incheon I believe also the number of Korean military personnel who have
contracted the crobat 19 is also on the rise haos the country’s military coping
this issue well preventing the viruses friday is
particularly important for the South Korean military census directly linked
to national security for more soldiers were confirmed over the weekend raising
but cases among the South Korean military to seven
they include a Marine Corps captain in an Army sergeant based in Sokcho an army
corporal inputs on a1 civilian worker in the military who is based in table with
thistles Defense Ministry has identified some 7700 military personnel that have
traveled to or have been in close contact with family members from the
virus hit areas of tegu and adjacent County or Chengdu and Yongchun City
these soldiers have been quarantined at separate locations and their bases until
they’re confirmed clear of the virus also as part of its preventive measures
the military manpower administration said it will temporarily suspend medical
check-ups required for South Korean men aged 19 or older to see if they’re fit
for compulsory military service the Cheka will be put off for two weeks
until March 6th an estimated 16,000 700 men will be affected by the move in an
email sent on Saturday the US forces Korea stated there were no confirmed
cases among its forces but given the circumstances some sources have told me
there are concerns South Korea and the u.s. might not be able to go ahead with
their joint computer simulation based exercises as planned next month it’s a
topic that almost certainly feature heavily when the two defense Chiefs of
the two allies meet in Washington on Monday local time back to you

100 thoughts on “Number of COVID-19 deaths in S. Korea rise to 6, confirmed cases spike to 602

  1. South Korea has a special place in my heart, it is my dream destination ever. For the past few months I've been saving up for cherry blossoms trip this coming April and it deeply sadden me that my dream travel to South Korea might be set aside. I am praying for you Korea. May God stop this virus not just in your country but all over the world. 😇

  2. i really applaud the reporters like this lovely lady for keeping it together about this really bad situation. stay strong

  3. No more news on China Covid 19 cases? Coz they want the world to shift their focus to somewhere else. Be wise. Don't be taken in by the mainstream media completely.

  4. What's ridiculous is that governments around the world still quarantine people for ONLY 14 DAYS despite the fact that the incubation period can be much longer than that.

  5. 16 year old girl died. 41 yo man died in his apartment. These aren't 72+ year old males. We're going to learn a lot about the virus in the coming weeks and just how insanely contagious this level 4 pathogen is. Up until a week or 2 ago, everything was speculation… we were foolish to even take the numbers coming out of China seriously. And the WHO is useless… just a corrupt organization acting as cheerleaders for the regime. They are the reason why information isn't reaching more households… they are suppressing news. They even met with tech giants several weeks ago.

  6. I ’m in Chengdu, China. Do n’t just say how China lied. At the beginning, they may have covered up the numbers, but people are basically not going out now, and most companies have not started business. Believe me or not, you will only get it if you have experienced it, in fact the Chinese have done a good job

  7. If worst comes to worst the best way to avoid infection is move out from the cities to rural areas closer to nature and as far away from people as possible. Store a year long ration for survival.

  8. Oh my, this is why travel ban is not racism. Do not wait for WHO S.Korea have an optimistic action, its a virus that can kill people.

  9. I also prefer Korea's news agencies. They are detail-oriented, straightforward, and truthful. I switched to this channel since the outbreak started.

  10. Today Arirang News is talking more on the Covid-19 infections and deaths in South Korea instead of the Highly Likely infections in North Korea 2 days ago

  11. I wishing all south Korea prevent deathly viruses,we will pay for all of you.hopefully this nightmare be over soon.

  12. I hope all Those countries that persist in keeping borders open and tourism dollars flowing pay dearly and learn a valuable lesson. Lockit down!

  13. Lot of Chinese came back korea after holidays spending in China 🇨🇳 and korea don’t take serious measure to stop the 🦠.

  14. If this goes real bad in South Korea. Will the US pull out of SK as well?
    Something tells me that this was orchestrated by the government with in a government of the Communist Party of China!

  15. how are people dying so quickly? this is not expected.. it should take a few weeks.. initial symptoms are mild and then after around a week to 10 days it gets serious and then it's usually another week until they die
    this might suggest the virus has mutated, we might be seeing a more lethal strain in south korea and iran, this virus just gets worse and worse

  16. SK will look like China in a month
    Totally out of control and military running heath care
    Looking like 1918 again worldwide

  17. Please use serving chopsticks and spoons to prevent people from using their own spoons or chopsticks into the same bowl of soup or plate to cause infection.

  18. South Korea has a bad neighbor, sends dangerous dust in the air and now sends them a virus. My word is to stop animal cruelty in China and learn from mistakes.

  19. I don't understand how there is no report about corona virus in India, they have billion people and not so high hygienic standards. Very strange? And why are they shutting down all schools and production sector like they want to blame virus for everything central banks caused. Ecinomy was terrible before corona virus and now they want to blame for economic collapse virus.

  20. So there are Chinese students in South Korea that are stubbornly refusing to be quarantined because apparantly "it's racist". Can we please deport these people?

  21. ok i have this theory that what if the one who release this virus is USA and probably backed up by several europe countries?? but they lauch it in China in order so we all hate china, USA framing it to China , i mean Trump is crazy ,if its true then USA must be condemned war crime country , u know what i mean, i mean WHY China so stupid to release its own virus in their own country with their own people died in the first place ??? i mean if its true that china release the virus , isnt it suppesed already killed many people many years ago , but why now ??? i know it! it must be the USA behind it all

  22. For American military and weapons safety. All american soldiers and weapons must leave Korea and Japan ASAP before they get infecteted with the virus especially the missles and rockets.. dont want it to contracted with corona it might back fire.

  23. Now we will know the truth. Korea and Japan will tell these world what China has not. It just seems so wrong – one person who more than likely refused to take responsibility. So many people deny there sick especially older generations hence why China is dragging out spreaders from there homes. What happens if North Korea get it those poor people.

  24. ''Hell Korea'' become even worse.. S.Korea has the worst suicide rate, the lowest birth rate, air pollution and economy crisis .. and now this.

  25. Korean people like to meet up in groups just like the church or fellowship.

    Unfortunately, common sense to stay away not the Holy Ghost 👻 will save you.

  26. ‪Make China pay for experimenting with bio hazard weapons! They are responsible for this virus! @realDonaldTrump we need a vaccine now, please support fastest development in history!‬

  27. Corona finna run thru N.Korea as fast as Koreans run across that border when given the chance. Only hope is that it gets Lil Kim FIRST.

  28. They are spreading the virus Intentionally watch this video! the definition of pandemic is (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or world. This is pandemic no matter how much the say it's not!

  29. Omg alot of korean and chinese travel to morocco every day as tourists and go to chefchaouen tangier marrakech agadir, ban them already morocco is poor country we cant handle this virus all of us will die!! I dont know what the king is waiting for stop allowing korean to enter morocco at least for 1 year

  30. don't believe what they claim hope they close all dog meat-mink and raccoon dog fur farms…karma back for all the cruelty

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  32. Does anyone have noticed NCOV-19 is fast spreading to cold countries who are in winter season right now? Maybe the virus will die with the heat of summer?


  34. Korean govt. Is the most accurate chart of the infected in our country they hide the truth about the people who died from the virus they keep saying we only have 3 people infected and 2 deaths ..

  35. This plague is devastating this was truly said in the Bible, it's an admonition of Powerful the Creator God. Thus China in majority is an atheist country they should learn that this Corona virus is an eye opener to them and to all of inhabitants of this Earth let's bow down and back and pray to our Almighty God that this virus outbreak will soon eradicate. But we need to return back and have faith with God so He will heal those dying affected by this dreadful virus. May the Good God have mercy on us and to those ready to accept the Powerful God.

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