Nuffield Health at St Bartholomew’s Hospital

This is a hugely exciting project. Nuffield
Health at St. Bartholomew’s will be our thirty-second hospital and the first independent
hospital to open in this part of the City. We have taken two very old dilapidated buildings
on a site that’s been connected to medicine for the last nine hundred years and we’ll
be transforming them into some quite special The building itself is a really complex piece
of engineering, it’s been amazing to see the building site go from demolition now to
the building phase as our hospital is growing into the London skyline. To breathe life into these buildings again
in an area that’s steeped full of history is a superb opportunity. The Barts Health Trust is world-renowned,
and our partnership will build on this reputation, to deliver quality care for our patients. I am expecting that we will create the ability
to reach more people, be truly accessible in terms of healthcare that’s high quality
and really dedicated to outcomes. The key part is how this will complement the
other services we already offer. Nuffield Health operates over one hundred services
currently inside London, At the moment, we’ve got clinics, we’ve
got fitness and wellbeing centres in the centre of London but if somebody needs to go into
hospital, then they have to go somewhere else and this means we can look after our patients
for their whole experience. The hospital will feature four state-of-the-art
theatres, it will be our flagship centre for cardiac service, with industry-leading intervention,
and specialist rehabilitation. We will provide full diagnostic and physiotherapy
facilities, alongside twenty-eight consultation rooms. We will specialise in orthopaedic,
general surgery, urology and gynaecology services. It will have forty-eight beds, a dedicated
critical care unit and an oncology suite. We will be recruiting the best nurses and
clinicians to care for our patients, they’re on the front line of great care
and they will just be tremendous. I’m looking for people who are clinically
current, clinically expert but above all, really passionate about the care we give.
I want them to feel Nuffield Health not just in their heads, but in their hearts. You can expect the very latest equipment,
state of the art healthcare, but it’s more than that – you will be part of the wider
Nuffield family. We have a tremendous infrastructure for training,
development and on career management The culture at Nuffield Health Bart’s is
going to be awesome – we will have the best of Bart’s and 60 years of our heritage and
we’ll be putting the two together. Our new hospital will deliver a new level
of healthcare, a new level of patient experience, a new level of innovation, which can only
be described as excellent. I hope to achieve something quite unique – you’ve
got 60 years of a charity with lots of expertise and resource, you’ve got values that are
aligned – we care about patients, we care about health outcomes, so does St Bartholomew’s
and we’ve also got a really unique urban location and a diverse community. Building a new hospital in London gives us
a huge opportunity to look after a lot more people and you have got all of that experience
alongside you in our other hospitals and our clinics, so you’re part of something really
quite big and I think very special. It’s really exciting that we will have a
presence in London, to be able to offer our connected health vision of end-to-end services
from preventative to cure. Ultimately, this is the next step in helping
more people live healthier and happier lives.

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