Nueva Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Pediátricos del Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona

New Paediatric Intensive Care
Unit at SJD Barcelona Children’s Hospital Mateo was admitted
to the SJD ICU for six months. We were admitted to the ICU
last October. I had been admitted here before,
in the old ICU. I was in the ICU two years ago,
for 70 days. Do you want us to show you the new ICU?
Yes? Let’s go! We’ll show you the new ICU and
you’ll see what’s changed. Wow!
– It’s pink! Pink! This is where you keep everything. Truly spectacular. You have everything you need
to feel comfortable and relaxed. It’s bigger.
You have more privacy. There’s an area for families.
It’s very relaxed. The technology.
The new spaces. Being able to wash yourself. Being able to relax.
Away from the treatments. And this is the way into the unit. Here are the fish. Every two beds have
a nurse assigned. The direct view of the children. Going into the room and
opening the door without touching it. You know when it’s night
and when it’s day. Each patient has their own room. There’s natural light
so you know what time it is, which helps a lot. The privacy,
for families, for the patient. What surprised me most about
the ICU is… there’s a bed! The facilities are amazing. The relaxation area,
all the technology… What do you think of the new ICU?
– I love it! There’s one here,
I didn’t have one there… you have a TV
to keep you entertained. Feeling like you’re in your own home.
Which is important for kids. Very, very, very important.

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