Not Sure If your Data is Backed Up? Clinic Case Study.

Hi, this is Claudia from Prime Tech Support
today I want to talk about a client that we have
this is a new client we got on board this customer, a month ago
They were working with another IT not IT Company
they were working with an IT Guy that was serving their business for the last
15 years and, it was basically a friend
a friend of them but unfortunally this person was not longer
available and, they had to start looking for another
company to help them and to continue with the business
they have a clinic, and there was some issues that
they were concerned about and, they called us because
they didn´t know if the back ups were working and, also the network, the computers
basically to help them in the process So, we got in
we did an IT Assessment now they are on board
they are with our All Inclusive Services and we started looking to every single detail
and one of the things that I want to point out on this conversation
is that we found that they had no back ups at all
their server where they supposed to be having their back ups
was not working actually because most of the things that they do they
do it over the web in a Cloud, with the Cloud Services
that they had with the clinic, and so forth and most of the data is safe from every single
computer but they thought the QuickBooks
which is the software they have for accounting and financial
was located on the server and, the server wa being backed up
and, they were paying for it. Wrong! Nothing was the way the thought it
was First of all, the server off
so, no back ups at all. they didn´t realized it was off
because they were not using it Second, the QuickBooks was on
one of the computers, the owner´s computer so, that was not being backed up
and it was really, really slow when we got there
we did some upgrades and we changed a few things
and, basically what I wanted to say is that if you don´t know where the information is
or, if you think that something is being backed up
or your business is running great you have no issues
or when you have an issue then you call and they fix it
but, you dont really know the whole picture of your business
just try to get a second opinion it could be us, Prime Tech Support
or it could be any other IT Company then you can have a second opinion
it´s always good to have a second opinion so, the second company can tell you
Ok, listen, this is the vulnerabilities that we find
this is what we think that you should do the technology now is going this way
we are not working the way it was 20 years ago, 5 years ago or a year ago
so, that´s what happened with this company and, I wanted to let the business owners know
that is always good to have a second opinion Ok, thank you. Have a good one!

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