NOT ONE DIET can be recommended! Excerpt from The Clinic by Dr. H – Diet

>>Dr. H: I’d like to talk about diet. What a field strewn with so many misconceptions. America and diet, it’s a really horrible,
horrible relationship. At any one moment, something like 25% to 30% of Americans are
on a diet. When I go around and give lectures, I ask
people, I say, “Okay. Who, out there, is on a diet?” Again, we’ll
get 20%, but what happens to those people on a diet? It turns out, they lose weight. About half of them actually go down, a giant five percent or so. The other half, boom, nothing right off the
bat. Guess what happens at two years, three years, four years? The people that went on a diet tend to be 10, 12, 13 pounds heavier. The people that didn’t go on a diet tend to be two or three pounds heavier at that two to three mark. I tell my audience, “Hey. I’m worried about the people that
are on a diet right now. You’re the ones that are going to be in
trouble in a couple of years.” Diets are harmful for you. There’s no scientific evidence to back any
diet in the history of mankind. Never been a diet that has long-term success. And the benefits, which are trivial over the
short-term, are far outweighed by the long-term harms, both physical and psychological. Not one diet in the history of mankind can
be recommended. What else can you do? We have exercise. You can listen to the American Surgeon General. And you can go out, and you can walk 30 minutes,
three times a week. Or, if you want to be really aggressive, you can go out and walk 30 minutes, six times
a week. Again, this is good for your health. It’s heart healthy, it’s good for your mind. It has nothing
to do with losing weight. You probably need to walk at least six hours
a week just to maintain your weight. People go, again, they’re beating their
chests. “I’m on a diet. I’m so good. I’m eating
so clean. I’m working out 30 minutes, six times a
week. How come I’m not losing weight? I must have
a metabolic anomaly.” No. If you’re doing that, maybe you’re going to maintain your weight. We’re an obesogenic World. You got a fast food restaurant at every corner. You got temptations. You’ve got your brain
screaming at you to eat more. This is the best you can do.

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