Not All Ibogaine Treatment Centers Are Created Equal – Ibogaine Testimonials

– Because you’re saving people’s lives. (inspirational music) – The reason I’m doing this one, because I’m upset. Now I’m upset. You went to some, I don’t know what the hell you went to, but it was supposed to be an Ibogaine treatment center. Which had happened to be, I
don’t know what they gave you. When somebody says to
me they were tripping, Ibogaine don’t trip, okay. Ibogaine is not
psychedelic, is perception. And you came out of there,
and you tell your story, okay. I just don’t want to
mention names and things and people gotta be smart themselves, to look, ’cause I don’t
know how long, truthfully, I’m gonna do this anymore, okay. So go ahead, tell your story. – Yes, so we went to the place, we did some research, we thought it was going
to be a good place. We got there, the people
were not professional, they gave us drugs the
first day we got there. They gave us drugs for three days, and then the day came for the treatment, they gave us the treatment, and we tripped out psychedelic
for maybe four hours. After the four hours was up we
was right back on withdrawal, immediately withdrawal, after. We called them on the phone,
we couldn’t get ahold of them. They left us with a Mexican
that didn’t speak no English. He couldn’t help us, and we were stuck.
– And what you said, saved $2,000, huh? – Yeah, we went there
because it was less money, we thought we were saving some money, to go to a place and we saved nothing, we spent all the money, we lost the money. – I wanna tell you this
is not Ibogaine, okay. Don’t use that to think, that’s not, there are a
lot of professional places, that treat the human being,
and they are professionals, and they do a really good job, and they really use Ibogaine. It happened to be that we, I will not use anything but pure pure, 99% pure pharmaceutical Ibogaine. But it’s just not just
that, it’s professional. Doctors, nurses, are at the clock. You know, it’s professional. There’s a difference
in professional places. So you wanted to save yourself
a couple of thousand dollars. A lady came over here, we buy her ticket and we get her a
passport and she says, “Can I get my $2,000 back?” You know what, $2,000 for
me, it’s pocket money, okay. But it’s just a matter of principle. Shame on you, for what? You call someplace else for
2,000 and she goes there, so you lied to the federal government when you went to get your passport? So, please understand, real treatment with Ibogaine,
worth half a million dollars. What we do here, which we should be charging at least $500,000 because
we really get you clean. It’s a profession. There are doctors here,
there is calculation, pure Ibogaine. Don’t go to some garbage place and trip and say, blame it on Ibogaine. Blame it on yourself. Don’t go and blame the
drug companies, the FDA, don’t blame anybody except yourself, okay. Don’t go around some place
in America to try to do this. This is a professional, an absolutely professional treatment. What happened to you? – I went to another Ibogaine clinic that seemed like it was legit at first and they too as well were
just not professional. They didn’t know how
to like control people with the reactions that they had. It just didnt’– – You shouldn’t have any kind of reaction that is uncontrolled. You know, you have a little
bit of pain in your leg, you get a little bit of anxiety because all your
nerves are moving around. No more than that. – Yeah. – So what happened? – So they ended up trying to restrain me and they tried to give me
a lethal dose of Seroquel, like 400 milligrams of Seroquel
trying to put me to sleep because they were tired of watching me ’cause I had such bad
insomnia I couldn’t sleep. And I ended up hallucinating,
I didn’t know where I was at. And they pretty much ended
up wrestling me to the floor, breaking my toes, then telling
me that it was my fault that I didn’t know that I was, that I had, that I had had an episode even though they had
given me an antipsychotic when I wasn’t psychotic
and I was perfectly fine. I wasn’t tired, I could have stayed awake. They probably just didn’t
want me to go to sleep but. – Okay, that’s it. I mean, I’m getting to
almost throw up soon. There are Ibogaine, Ibogaine is scientific, medical. There is 550 patents, registered patents that I have used for all
kind of diseases, okay. And I’m truthfully, I’m getting even tired of
treating people because people, either they’re scared, they are worried, or they go to some garbage
place that call themselves. Yes and there’s a lot of phony places, but you have to check to see. It’s reputation, it’s how
long they have been in there. I put hundreds and hundreds
of videos, what else can I do for people to see the truth? You know in time of Socrates,
he was a philosopher. He wasn’t just philosopher. You cannot be just philosopher
without being scientist. He was a physician. He was a scientist. And he was put to death because he was teaching
logic to his students. That’s the only reason
they put him to death. If you are looking for a logical thing, you’re looking for truth. But when I get a inquiry, “how much is it?” What do you think, buying a used car? If you’re gonna have a heart
surgery are you gonna ask, “How much is it?” Why don’t you first talk
about what’s wrong with you and what you need to do to get help for. That’s all I have to say. I mean, in five weeks, six weeks maybe, I had five people come here from other garbage
places, I don’t know where I don’t want to mention names or anything. They’re not Ibogaine places, okay. I don’t know what they do. Anybody can say they’re everything. Either people are scared, which fear is the worst
enemy of the human being. Just be normal. Look for truth, look for logic, look for simplicity, and look for reality
and stop being scared. And just don’t jump the gun to save few thousand dollars. This is your life. You spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in your life taking drugs. All of a sudden you want to
save couple of thousand dollars. (scoffs) This is not a money
making proposition, believe me. Treating people, and it’s
very difficult, okay. Last week I had three
bleeding ulcers, (chuckles) so just dealing with this. So why do I need to do this anymore? I really don’t know. Huh, what do you think? – ‘Cause you’re saving
people’s lives, that’s true. – I don’t know how much
can I any more say it. There are not going to be 20 people left to treat you anymore. Then you’re gonna say,
“well, where’d that guy go? “What happened?” Well what happened? You sit down on your ass
and wait and wait and wait and look for this fellow. Can he find you a bargain? What do you think, you’re
buying, you’re going to Macy’s to see something on sale? This is a treatment! Okay, for God’s sakes this is life. This is your body. It’s safer than taking two aspirins, okay, if you go to the right place. And it’s not psychedelic. And I criticize very strongly whoever says pure Ibogaine is psychedelic. It’s a lie! It’s not. It’s perception, and it’s a
most, it’s God’s medicine, and it really cures, and I’m saying it with all my emotions because I left a development company that was on the way to
start a new banking system to come to treat you, let’s save lives. You don’t wanna save your lives, don’t. You can take the horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink. And look, look what happens,
you know, this is just two. Another three people
just need the same cases. And that lady, that she complaining, she wanted her $2,000 back, which I’d rather burn it
than give it to her, I am, giving it the animal rescue, okay I’m making contributions to this. She’s not ashamed of herself. “Can I get my $2,000 back?” Lady, they bought you
a ticket, plane ticket. You got they help you to get
your flight, your passport. And you go on the thing and complain. I mean aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I don’t understand whoever
makes the name of Ibogaine, it’s just like making,
it’s creating God’s name, because it’s a really truthful, healing substance. You cannot call it drug, medicine, holistic drug, nothing like that. It’s a substance that triggers
your body to fix itself. That’s all I have to say. And don’t end up like these guys, thank God they are here now. Are you, are you feeling okay? – Very good, very grateful. – I feel great, I feel 100%
again, I like how I feel. – All right, God bless you. (symphonic music)

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