Northwest Medical Center’s da Vinci Xi Surgical System

Dr. Mark Schatner I’m a general and
robotic surgeon. We’ve done almost 500 cases on these robotic surgeries. I’m very
excited that at Northwest Medical Center we have gotten a new robot. It’s called the
XI. Today we just did our first operation in Northwest Medical Center
with our new robot. We’re really excited to be one of only two hospitals in
Broward county with a new Xi Robot. This robot allows us to do operations with
small incisions allowing for the patients to go home often the same day.
They get faster recovery but the new robot gives us additional functionality and
ease of use. It is more efficient and we had new options that we use on patients that
we have no other ways of doing with the open conventional operations. We’re able
to do it in a way that makes it easier for the patient and for the doctor than
it was when we did it laparoscopically or when I did it with a large incision.
So I was really pleased I was able to offer to this patient an operation
with our new robot.

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