Northside Hospital Cancer Institute – Built to Beat Cancer

Hope. When it comes to cancer Hope is a balance of confidence, and compassion. Hope is real, tangible… And powerful. Across Georgia we’ve built a community of care. An elite, clinical team with more board certified medical oncologists than any other cancer care provider in the state. Individually, they are experts. Collectively, they’ve created one of the largest comprehensive community cancer programs in the nation. Surrounding each patient with a team built to fight. Built to bring hope. When it’s needed most. This is Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. And We’re Built to Beat Cancer.

1 thought on “Northside Hospital Cancer Institute – Built to Beat Cancer

  1. The commercial from Northside Hospital 48 put me in mind of the movie coma,the displaying of the bodies in coma put me in mind of the symbol of Toyota and a Traffic light

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