Northern Nevada Medical Center Employee Spotlight – Sarika Upadhyay

I always wanted to help people and I
think nursing is a great career for that. I’m working as an RN on Med/Tel Unit and I
have been working for almost two years now. I’m doing a new thing every day that helps me to expand and grow. Right now
I’m doing my BSN through Western Governors University and NNMC is working
with my schedule and also reimburses a good portion of my tuition fees. Right now I love to work with the people so I think I’ll be a floor nurse for a
while. Once I have my BSN, that will help me grow and expand my knowledge. After
that I will go for my masters. NNMC is a great place to work because it is a very
people oriented hospital. When I ask something to anyone they are always
there to help me and I come to work with a smile and leave work with a smile. I feel very happy to be a part of a real hospital like NNMC because I like the
people who I work with and the patients. I always feel pride and sense of
satisfaction at the end of the day. It’s a small hospital but I think this allows
a very personal touch with the patient that we work with. Being a small hospital in comparison
to a bigger hospital I think that makes a lot
of difference because here we are like a family. We work as a team, we work as a
family and I think we have very good interpersonal relationship with
everybody here. When the patient comes to the hospital they are always scared, they
don’t know the environment and when I go to a patient with a smile and talk to
them I feel lucky that I can make a little difference in people’s life. When patients tell me that once they come to Northern Nevada Hospital they don’t want
to go to any other hospital, that makes me very happy. I love to see a patient smile. Find out how you can honor the life’s journey of
our patients.

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