Northern Nevada Medical Center Employee Spotlight Compilation

I knew this was where I wanted to work
and I pursued it really hard because I knew I wanted this one and I was
actually offered two other positions other places and they just didn’t feel
right. I just felt so warm and welcomed here like I was actually wanted as an
employee. I didn’t feel like a number. NNMC is a great place to work because it
is a very people-oriented hospital. When I ask something to anyone
they are always there to help me and I come to work with a smile and leave work with a smile. You can tell there is a real sense of teamwork and culture here at Northern Nevada and that’s
what made me choose to stay. The endless support that you get is what I like the most. It’s what you envision, the way it’s supposed to be, that’s exactly what we’re practicing here and that’s what makes it great. Honestly, I love going down to the cafeteria and seeing 80, 90 percent of
people I know. Everyone’s so welcoming and supportive. I just feel so, like it’s
a home here and people care. We communicate very well and if we need
help from another department they’re not afraid to ask and we’re not afraid to
ask either because it’s that family that tight knit feel to Northern Nevada Medical
Center. Specifically here it’s the team we have. It’s amazing that everybody
really works together. They work with your strengths and help each other
out. I’m never afraid to ask for help if I need it. They’ve given us a lot of online training. We’ve done some on-the-job
training. We’ve gone to other UHS facility to actually observe people with
a lot of experience operate and actually have the opportunity to ask any question
we want. We have such a wonderful manager. I get thank you cards from her at
home. If patients are thankful or grateful
for their care and they mention your name she sends you a personal card as a thank you. And that means, it’s small but it means a lot. Having my co-workers and the laboratory teach me on-site and support me in that
really meant a lot. They helped me reach new goals in my
career and step up. I feel very happy to be a part of NNMC because I like
the people who I work with and the patients. I always feel pride and sense
of satisfaction at the end of the day. I feel more at home, more natural here and
just the environment, the opportunity of professional growth and the support you
get from your staff, it’s amazing. I’m working on my PCCN right now, which
is the progressive care certified nurse, and my test is in three weeks and I did
this big class in Vegas and Northern supported that, sent me there, paid for it,
everything and that really helped. I feel much more prepared now and I think, if I
get this certification, that’ll help me move forward in my career. They’ve actually been very supportive of my education. Any furthering that I wanted
to do, I’ve showed interest in going to seminars and they’ll help pay for those
seminars and send you to them. My school schedule now, it’s kind of taken over,
but they’ve been very accommodating om my work schedule but also they’re
helping me pay for it, which is amazing and quite significantly
too, so it helps me not only work through school but also help pay for it. Used to be a certified nursing assistant for about three years but during that time I
was going to nursing school. Northern Nevada, they do reimbursements for your
schooling, so they give very generous amount to support your schooling and
also the time as well so they’re very flexible in helping you being able to go
to school and do your clinicals and that kind of thing. Since I joined Northern Nevada
two years ago, we studied the robotic surgery program. I’ve gone
through the training and I have to say it’s everything that I was expecting. There’s a lot of support from the entire team. I have held a phlebotomist position.
I moved up into medical laboratory technology and now
I’m the supervisor of the phlebotomy unit. The facility and my director really
supported me, so once I did get that certificate. I immediately had a job. They
trained me on-site and it really helped me be in the position that I am today. Right now I’m doing my BSN through Western Governors University and NNMC is working with
my schedule and also reimburses a good portion of my
tuition fees. Here at Northern Nevada, our culture is rooted by service
excellence. It’s how we treat each other, it’s how we treat patients and anybody
that really walks through those doors and it’s just making sure that we’re
treating everybody as a guest. We’re showing professionalism in everything
that we do. I have a supervisor that will come in anytime. I have a manager that is
an active member of the team. I have a director of surgery that is actually right
next to you anytime you need them, not to mention, even the CEO of the company will
come down and join us if we need extra help. That is so great. When you have
that kind of team, you can’t fail. I love to see people
improve and it’s nice to know that you’ve been a part of that. My profession
allows me to have that human interaction. Try to make a connection with
them, because once they feel that connection, then they feel like they’re
part of the family as well. I help people and it brings me joy. Making a difference in people’s lives, that’s what we all got into healthcare
field to begin with is to help patients. When I go to a patient with a smile and
talk to them, I feel lucky that I can make a little difference in people’s
life. Northern Nevada is just a great place to work. If you have the talent and you
want to show it and you want to shine, you want to be part of
this team period. I just love taking care of my patients. Makes it all worth it. Find out how you can honor the life’s
journey of our patients.

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