North Texas Pulmonary Critical Care

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Choosing a physician you can trust with your health is an important decision. You want someone who cares for you, both physically and mentally, and someone who offers you
hope in your treatment. North Texas Pulmonary Critical Care is a comfortable place where
you’re treated like family. We specialize in operative, preoperative, and critical care of
patients with acquired and congenital pathologic
conditions within the chest. We treat pathologic conditions of the lung and chest wall, abnormalities of the great vessels, tumors of the mediastinum, and diseases of the
diaphragm and pericardium. We also help manage injuries of the chest and airway. North Texas Pulmonary Critical Care performs a wide range
of medical procedures in several conditions from
minimally invasive procedures to various cancers. It is our privilege to help treat your medical needs so you can live a healthy life. Visit our website for more information on how we can help you, and we will listen and guide you down the best path of healing at North Texas Pulmonary Critical Care.

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