North Shore Medical Center | Dr. Alia Abdulla

I think that a lot of patients do have
confusion when you first tell them that you’re going to use the robot to propel
to perform the surgery they actually think that there’s a machine that is
going to actually do the surgery for me however really the robotic system is a
tool that we use to help us perform the surgery in a more intricate and detailed
manner and so the robot is not actually moving on its own
it’s an instrument that I use and I control to actually perform the surgery
a patient is first brought into the operating room and they are placed on
the operating room table we initially first prepare the patient by giving them
anesthesia so that they can go to sleep and then we prepare the abdomen most of
the time when we’re using using the robot we are operating on the abdomen or
the stomach the abdomen and the stomach is prepped and prepared
I then place something that we call ports into the abdomen and then the
robot is docked onto the patient the camera goes through this arm and then
these two arms are used for the instruments the instruments include
forceps they also include scissors they also include other types of graspers
when we actually use those instruments in a patient’s abdomen it’s as if we’re
using our own hands to help to perform the surgery there’s a separate console
that I or the surgeon would sit at and we are able to control the arms as we’re
doing the surgery I think it’s important for the community to know that the
robotic system is available here at Northshore a lot of patients may not
know all of their options and it’s important for a patient to be educated
about their options the robotic system is a new
innovative technique that has a lot of benefits and I think that the community
here around North Shore Medical Center would benefit from it

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