North Carolina Orthopaedic Clinic Durham NC

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specialty orthopedic training and care but yet provide that in a very friendly and inviting
environment where it is easy access for the patient and more of a family sort of local
doc kind of feeling. Everyone is very down to earth. Overall the doctors I work with
at this practice they have just been genuine people, just everyday want to help. The first
thing that really impressed me about the practice after coming here for the first time was that
the doctor spent so much time with me and explained all of my different treatment options,
didn t just say this is what we re going to do next, he gave me all the different options
to let me choose what was best for me. The involvement of the patient in the healthcare
decision has become bigger and bigger and I think to the patient s advantage. Many patients
want to know why we think certain things are wrong with her, what we can do about it, what
the alternatives are and it is critical. We spend a lot of time talking to patients, making
sure they understand the diagnosis and treatment. I think fellow patients would be most surprised
to learn that they are very interested in your lifestyle to understand what your goals
are to try to get you to that goal. It was really important to me to be able to get to
a goal and providing that data helped tailor the care that I got. Patients would be surprised
to know how much forethought goes in to taking care of them. There is a lot of behind the
scenes work that the doctor goes through when he is thinking about it preparing for what
he is going to do with that patient, especially with surgical treatment. Patients enjoy coming
here as well as sending people here because they know they are going to get treated well.
I think the biggest thing that excites me coming to work every morning is the challenge
of interacting with patient, figuring out what s wrong with them and setting them on
a path of recovery. The joy of seeing patients who successfully recover is tremendous. There
is nothing more satisfying really to help these patients get to that point. What I think
the practice does that is helping you return to a quality of life in a very efficient way
and very pretty much painless way. I mean they keep you comfortable throughout. They
keep you well informed. Our practice runs very efficiently but that doesn t mean we
are rushing the patient through. We take the time to really address all of their concerns
and all of their needs and we certainly try to answer every question they have with regard
to their care. One of the great things about having the support of Duke and our patient
care and our research is that we are on the leading edge of some of the technological
advances that help to minimize patients down time and maximize their outcome from surgical
procedures and it is a very rewarding thing. After surgery I was able to play with my kids,
run, wakeboard, swim, ride a bicycle, pretty much do anything I was willing to do pain
free. I have been in pain for almost two years by the time that I finally had surgery, so
actually being able to wake up one day and realize I wasn t having any pain in my back
or in my legs from the nerve pain was pretty amazing after living with pain for that long
you kind of forget what it s like to not have any pain at all. What I d like people to think
about when they leave is that everybody in the practice was nice to me and that everybody
cared and that everybody tried to make a difference. The partners in this group are leaders in
their individual fields from total joint replacement to foot and ankle surgery to spine surgery,
sports medicine, you name it, and I think that affiliation reaffirms that commitment
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