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  1. Hello sir
    I m from india
    My 2 month baby daughter secoliosis detected . Give me ur mail id and contact no. I have contact to u . Please help me. Sir

  2. i hate my boston brace but i kind a like it now because im scared if it is gone biger and biger im afraid to play because te doctor said to me that you canot join sports,drum and lyre but i can swim thats the doctor said to me but right now im ok with my brace

  3. and i cant dance so yeah that is my scoliosis story and my bff have a scoliosis to but she didnt survive to the brace that she wair so right now she cant dance,she canot join some sports beca

  4. For context, I am a 14yro, and have been wearing for about 8 months (I think) The brace sucks. I’m supposed to wear it while sleeping, but it’s impossible to sleep in. It’s too damn uncomfortable. It is good to know that I’m not alone in this and the suffering from this thing everyone has. For a while, this thing suffocated me, and I literally couldn’t wear it. I could not breathe. If this is how horrible it is at night, I can’t begin to imagine how much people who wear this in the daytime suffer. This thing has caused me so many problems, that I can barely even wear it. I can’t sleep in it, I can’t move easily in it, it’s itchy, it digs into you, you can’t sleep on your side, if you grow even a little bit, it won’t fit anymore and will probably suffocate you, and if you somehow manage to fall asleep, it will wake you up. I may sound a bit extreme, but the idea of surgery sounds better than this. I can’t even wear it half the time. How is this thing supposed to help me IF I CANT EVEN WEAR THE FUCKING THING? I am usually an optimist about things, but this thing won’t make your life better.

    I’m absolutely furious now learning that so many people have the same problems as I do with this. I feel like I was thrown into something I would have never agreed to beforehand. HEARING THAT SOME PEOPLE WERE NOT EVEN HELPED BY IT!? So I’m suppose to wear thing fucking thing FOR A CHANCE to not get surgery. If any parents who are considering getting a back brace for their child are reading, just know how much pain and suffering it will put them through.

  5. my right hip sticks out a hell of a lot more than my left, and i'm not sure if it's due to puberty (where hips widen in females) or if it's due to scoliosis. either way, i would very much like to reduce it (it's a big deal to me bc i don't want big hips bc i'm trans)

    additional info if needed:
    i am currently 13, i have been going to get my spine checked since i was 11/12
    it wasn't so bad at first but late last year i had to get an xray because it suddenly became really bad (though it was stabilised)
    the doctor says that not much has changed and that they'll continue to moniter it until the year i turn 15 (next year)
    however i do not know the exact curvature and i don't understand what they wrote on the card they gave me to identify me as a returning patient but i see a lot of 6s (i think)
    the doctor has told me to exercise (which i am doing, except she didn't tell me what exactly to do) and that i didn't need a brace
    i started menstruation approximately around my 12th birthday i don't recall exactly oops
    and my right shoulder is also slighlt higher than my left

  6. I'm 12 and I'm wearing my brace for about a year. I more like that kind of bra e ugh, my brace is milwaukee, it sucks a lot coz of the ring around my neck. I hate it so damn much.

  7. I just got my back brace today and it some times hurts but it’s not very bad. I’m 12 and I have scoliosis but I know that my back brace will my me straight I got my back brace at Boston Children Hospital

  8. >My gramma isn't best sorry<
    A list of things why I hate my corset:
    1 You can't bow down to get something;-;
    2 Hugging – if you hug someone you litteraly murder them
    3 When people see it they ask stuff like "does it hurt?" "what is that??" bla bla bla
    4 I can't wear t-shirts anymore becouse you can see the corset
    5 It murders your pants, shirts, pullovers, and sometimes (girls) your bra._.
    6 you have to wear a tank top under it – I stitch them like every month one
    7 in summer it gets brown of sweating and now in autum/winter my one gets brown
    8 I usually have to wear it 24/7 but I give my self 1 hour to take it off, so my back doesn't hurt
    9 It makes you feel fat but I realised my one weights 1.5 kilo.-.
    10 You have to clean it but some areas will always be dirty

    And now some posetiv things 😀
    1 You can make your siblings your maids to make stuff where you need to bow down (It only worked 1 months)
    2 You can tell your PE teacher about it and when your lassy you just say "my my back hurts can I sit down pleas?"
    3 You do not have to carry heavy things c:<
    4 when someone sits on you(my friends likes to abuse my youth) it takes a bit of the pain, she is like 70 kilo's and sat on me, it didn't break

  9. Did anyone else get a weird habit of putting your arms above/behind your head when wearing a brace or is it just me?

  10. I got scoliosis probably because my mom had it or because I was slouching and carrying my roller bag up a ramp.I didn’t get a brace,they just told me to have a straight body to prevent it from curving more.I am thin enough to feel my spinal cord and I can feel the curve.I feel like I’m improving cause I actually grew taller.

  11. I have scoliosis and I had major surgery because and it is major because it was a 80-90 degrees curve 1 like=1 prayer for me to be ok because right now I have extreme pain and if you have scoliosis to I recommend you go to shriners SC that is where I went and it is awesome there

  12. I have scoliosis but I dunno if I'll need a brace. I do have a few questions though:

    1. How thick is it? (My school uniform is kinda thin so you might see it easily if it's too thick)

    2. Do you choose the pattern on it? ( Idk)

    3.What does it restrict you to do? (If anything)

    4.is it actually really sore? (I heard it is)

    5. What do they do to fit it and how long does it take before you get the brace?

    Thanks a bunch if you can answer any of those questions!

  13. I love my back brace sure it can hurt sometimes but I know it’s making my back straighter and I love that I licked the color pink I’m 12 years old and my older sister had surgery and my second older sister had a back brace for 3 years and she has a straight spine now and I hope so for me too 💜💙♥️❤️😊Boston Children is a VERY good Hospital

  14. Hey guys help n guide me about bracing n scoliosis treatment if anyone here has become successful in fixing scoliosis…….,,,,,,, nomatter how can l still fix my scoliosis I am 19 n going to be 20 in April 2019am so worried about anyone here can plz guide me

  15. Ok I'm 12 years old I've had two braces over the time of two years and I had the spinal infusion and I had the surgery fairly early because my bone structure is done growing and the surgery increased my height by an inch …… But I'm still 5.1 shorty life is life😎😎

  16. A brace is awful! It hurts so incredibly bad too! I had to get surgery on my lower curve and everything was looking fine! Then my upper curve got worse and I am back in a brace!! It hurts so much and I would much rather get another surgery. The brace dosent even help a whole lot! It is super awkward and you cant be a normal teenager in it. I have to wear baggy shirts and sleeping is the worst! I can never get a good nights sleep in my brace . Anyway long story short scoliosis sucks…

  17. I’m scared about getting surgery I have a brace but I’ve been wearing it less because it uncomfortable annnd I find that the singlet or what every your wear underneath get sweaty and sticky and it’s the worst

  18. Why would you observe the scoliosis in the week to do something about it there are so many techniques of “bodywork “Cranial sacral therapy while through many other techniques that can help release the title shoes that are pulling the pounds out of order. So sad.

  19. I got the back pain and I have curved back. Trust me if you have straight back and able to stand right you are lucky. Make sure you exercise and take care of your health

  20. Does this management practice work for kids with Marfans syndrome? Could supplements, such as collegen or bone broth, slow any effects of scoliosis?

  21. When I was in 4th grade, I was diagnosed with a 40-50ish degree curve so it kinda sucked ngl. They said I most likely had to get surgery. Dunno why but instead I got a brace. AND AM I GLAD TO SAY IT WAS ONLY AT NIGHT. I mean… Yeah, it SUCKED cause I couldn't sleep, but I didnt have to go to school wearing a fckingg corset. I had to wear it for 2 years and I hated everything lmao. Its been years since then and I'm happy I dont have to suffer that. My back still hurts tho E 😩👏

  22. Ugh I hate the brace!! I have a pretty bad curve but I’m still supposedly not ready for surgery! 😭

  23. I have dextrocoloisis and I wish I could experience to have correction for specialist Dr. But sad I'm poor 🙁

  24. I was diagnosed had scoliosis just couple days ago and seriously it makes me so so sad until right now. I get depressed everyday and fucking lower back pain. Could be worse if I sit down. Is it normal guys? Idk what should I do right now. I feel so abnormal right now and can't do anything like I used to. Please help 🙁 or do you guys have recommendation for the best yoga channel in YouTube? 😭

  25. If your curve is big don't waste your time wearing a brace . It's unuseful and a waste of money . It's basically torture

  26. I got my brace last weak I’m 13 with a 45 degree spine I can’t sleep with this bull shit but who am I to complain I got the type of brase so I only have to sleep with it on. But my dumb ass talked it off while I’m sleeping and I don’t even know till I wake up it’s like sleep walking for me

    Please pray for me not to have to get surgery

  27. Honestly that’s the worst brace mine is the one where I only need t sleep with it in but it’s super uncomfortable

  28. See I have scoliosis and I’m going to have a major surgery and I have a 50 degrees angle at age 12 and they said it is to late for a brass that I need surgery so like what do I do?

  29. I really want my body to be normal . sometimes I got jealous with my friends when they wear dresses . and tbh I got hurt when I hear them saying abt my back

  30. I have government insurance and I swear the doctors hate me for it my doctor refuses to prescribe any kind of meds for my pain and when I got an x-ray they said my curve was only 12 degrees but when I went to an orthopedic doctor he said it was at least 25 without even doing an x-ray

  31. I know we all hate wearing the brace, but just wear it till ur ok then complete ur life as what it was but with a better back and thnk God u have a treatment cuz life is not better without it!! Just SUPPORT each other.
    Many love and hugs❤️❤️❤️

  32. i have scoliosis but mine is very very little. i don’t need a brace or anything. i just need physical therapy to strengthen my back and help the misalignment on my hips. i thank god its nothing major but the amount of pain it causes is awful

  33. I have scoliosis and it sucks!!!! My degree is 27! What’s yours? And how are you being treated I wear a brace 16 hours

  34. Having lived with congenital scoliosis for over 50 years, means I was born with it, braces, body jackets and Milkwaukee Braces DO NOT WORK. For those who do not have a spinal fusion look for Israeli medicine, they have the best corrective procedures and they use your own body to correct the diagnosis. They trigger the muscular skeleton in the opposite area of the curve to correct the scoliosis. Please take it from me, I have had two fusions and decades of braces and THEY DONT WORK. They are using a wait and see attitude. Not a fix it cure

  35. I have a small curve right now so they watching it but if it gets big I’m gonna need a brace :/.

  36. I got 2 scoliosis surgery’s because the brace did not work for me. I got the surgery’s 1month ago RECOVERY FUC*ING SUCKS

  37. i wear my brace at night and i thought a day brace would look wayyyy different but the only major difference i see is that the straps are in the back and not the front.

  38. Hi! I'm from the Philippines, my girlfriend suffer a lot of severe pain because of scoliosis, we already talk to her doctor for a her propper medication but the doctor here in the Philippines is so luck of information, i mean they don't share a lot of info about what we will do next or what we need to do to ease the pain long term, they just given the medication that we need to buy. They are very expensive medicine. can I ask for a help to your Good community. Can I get your email for I can ask questions. To also send the xray of her back. I really appreciate your response. It hurt me a lot when I see my partner suffer and cry. I don't know what to do ease the pain. Pls! Thank you 😔

  39. I remember when I had to wear the back brace, was around 9 years old. Wasn’t fun at all, but the threat of surgery scared me into wearing it VERY willingly. I guess I have some kind of phobia XD But it was good in that case, I wore it so much my S-curve actually corrected itself a bit. And now I’m 18 years old and very happy I went through with it, but I probably can’t speak for everyone. If I’d been forced to wear the brace as a self-conscious teenager, I could imagine myself caving. But I just feel like saying it was worth it to me, and it was the first experience in my life that made me feel truly proud of myself. It really is an amazing feeling once you get that thing off for good after years of endurance.

  40. I’m 11 but my doctor said my spine is curving a little bit
    She also said the curve was common in growing kids but it’s getting a little harder to breathe
    I used to think it was Anxiety but it’s because of this,,,
    I pray to god every night
    Praise Jesus I’m still alive <3

  41. I got a friggin S-curve scoliosis.Last Time checked it the top was 25 and the bottom was 30 I think?I can't remember but they say if both are 30+ I have to wear braces and I feel so sorry for my parents to have to pay for all the treatment needed and MY MOM IS ACTUALLY SCOLDING ME FOR HAVING SUCH A BIG CURVE LIKE-,it's not like I can control my spine to move this way or that.The doctor says the spine moves whenever it wants to so it ain't in my control 😔😢☹️

  42. my doctor said i’m proved to getting scoliosis because i have no arches in my feet, and i’m hella paranoid because i sometimes get back pain

  43. I have to and I’m 16 mine is like curved to the left a bit but it never hurts I’m allways running and jumping I’m going to spinal docter to check if I need brace or surgy or therapy verry nervous 😟 why do us young people get it what cuz it plz tell me

  44. I was diagnosed with scoliosis close to end of 2016 3 years later I’m thankful it hasn’t gotten worse I just want my spine straight it’s a lil to one side:/

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