NMBA codes of conduct: Being a midwife or a nurse means something

– [Midwife] Being a midwife
or a nurse means something. – [Nurse] It means that people
place their trust in us. – [Midwife] And that
trust means everything, especially when receiving care. – [Nurse] To ensure that trust is met, we have our codes of conduct, set by the Nursing and
Midwifery Board of Australia. – [Midwife] Even though
we are two professions, – [Nurse] …because we share
the same responsibility to those we care for, our codes of conduct
include the same principles, – [Midwife] …such as
upholding all relevant laws, and a standard of professional behaviour that embodies integrity,
honesty, respect and compassion. – [Nurse] For those receiving care, it means that they should always be at the centre of the care provided, – [Midwife] …which we achieve
through shared decision making, and always acting in a culturally
safe and respectful way. – [Nurse] Whether ensuring
safe, evidence-based care, – [Midwife] …maintaining
everyone’s right to privacy, – [Nurse] …or promoting good health and equal access to health services, – [Midwife] …these are all principles that must guide what we do every day. – It’s our responsibility to make sure we are fully equipped to
meet the trust place in us. – Because being a midwife
or a nurse means something, especially to those receiving care. – [Nurse] To find out more
about the codes of conduct, – [Midwife] …visit the
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia website.

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