NM Wildlife Center adds raccoon & coyote as new public ambassadors

YOU MIGHT THINK RACCOONS AND COYOTES ARE SOME OF THE PESKIEST WILD ANIMALS IN THE SOUTHWEST. BUT THE NEW MEXICO WILDLIFE CENTER IS NOW TRYING TO PROVE THEY )RE A LOT COOLER THAN YOU THINK… BY PUTTING THOSE ANIMALS ON PUBLIC DISPLAY. NEWS 13 )S CHRIS MCKEE HAS A FIRST LOOK. 22:26:36 ( (sound of raccoon sniffing several times ( ( 26:38 Melissa Moore 22:03:12 “Yes they )re very common” MAYBE THEY )RE REGULARS.. RUMMAGING AROUND YOUR PORCH… Melissa Moore 22:03:30 “They )re just so adaptable” OR ROAMING THROUGH YOUR BACKYARD… Melissa Moore 22:05:24 “They )re omnivores, they )ll eat almost anything” BUT HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT THAT RACCOONS… OR COYOTES… ARE SOMETHING ( (OTHER THAN JUST A PESKY PRESENCE? Melissa Moore 22:06:23 “Such interesting animals” 06:23 MELISSA MOORE WITH THE NEW MEXICO WILDLIFE CENTER.. IS NOW HOPING YOU DO. Melissa Moore 22:05:13 “We take them for granted” THE ESPANOLA-BASED ANIMAL REHAB FACILITY… HAS HOUSED REPTILES… 21:52:48 ( (sound of snake rattling ( ( ALONG WITH RAPTORS AND BIRDS FOR YEARS… 22:00:29 “This is Oscar, the great horned owl” 00:30 ..BUT IN A CHANGE OF PACE.. THEY )RE NOW WELCOMING A FEW OF THE SOUTHWEST )S USUAL SUSPECTS… 22:25:51 ( (sound of raccoon grabbing the mic ( ( THAT )S PEPPER THE RACCOON… AND MESQUITE.. THE COYOTE.. WHO NOW CALL THE WILDLIFE CENTER HOME. Melissa Moore 02:10 “We were fortunate to be able to work with New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, to get the right permits to keep these animals here as ambassador animals” 02:16 MOORE ADMITS.. IT IS AN UNUSUAL MOVE TO KEEP THESE GUYS ON PUBLIC DISPLAY. Melissa Moore 22:08:28 “Everybody thinking, oh I )ve seen a raccoon, we have them in my backyard” 08:31 BUT MOORE SAYS.. THE COYOTES AND … RACCOONS ARE FAR MORE THAN JUST PESTS.. Melissa Moore 22:04:57 “They have the very dexterous hands, they have the high intelligence the ability to adapt” 05:02 Melissa Moore 22:06:40 “When you see a coyote” Melissa Moore 22:06:47 “They )re just so.. they )re quick and they )re shy, so they )re hard to pin down and see and to get a really good look at” 06:55 WITH THEIR NEW HOME.. THE CENTER HOPES PEOPLE WILL LEARN ABOUT OUR NOCTURNAL NEIGHBORS. Melissa Moore 22:08:31 “That )s exactly why we want to display them, we want folks to have a chance to actually see them” 08:37 22:27:30 ( (sound of raccoon stepping on paper ( ( CHRIS MCKEE.. KRQE NEWS 13. BOTH ANIMALS WILL BE UP FOR PUBLIC VIEWING TOMORROW AND SUNDAY.. AT THE WILDLIFE CENTER )S OPEN HOUSE FROM 11 TO 3. ADLIB TOSS TO WEATHER .TONIGHT…Partly cloudy. Isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening. Patchy fog possible late in the night. Lows in the lower 50s. South winds 10 to 15 mph in the evening.

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