Nikhil Verma, MD – Rush University Medical Center

“I take care of patients with problems involving
the shoulder, elbow and knee —anybody who’s had anything from a traumatic injury to maybe
a degenerative condition — and we treat them with all sorts of different modalities,
including physical therapy or oral medications, all the way up to injections, and then, when
necessary, surgery. Many of those treatment options have been
developed by physicians who are right here at Rush — working in our research labs,
who are in our clinics, who are in our operating rooms, to try to improve the techniques that
we are offering to patients to see a successful outcome. What we’ve really focused on is how do we
get patients better, how do we get them there quicker, and how do we improve their functional
level ultimately. Because that’s — at the end of the day
— what patients are looking for from us is to try to restore their level of function
— whether that’s they want to go out and train for a triathlon or simply want to be
able to go to work or get up and make breakfast for their kids without having pain. For me to see somebody who comes in who has
a love of whatever it may be —whether it’s hockey or running or soccer, basketball — they
sustain an injury and for whatever period of time they’re taken away from that activity,
for us to have the ability to directly impact their life — either with a nonsurgical or
surgical treatment and ultimately return them to that activity that they love, that’s
the tangible aspect of what we do that really makes it so satisfying, is to be able to have
a direct impact on somebody’s quality of life to give them back something that they’ve

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