Nightwatch Nation: Won’t Go to the Hospital (Season 1, Episode 7) | A&E

AUDREY: Control
[inaudible] 6 responding. It says, second patient
is having a seizure. [music playing] We know that APD is there. There’s also another medic unit
on scene that’s requesting us, so potentially a
critical patient. [inaudible] a left out of here. What the heck? KIM: Oh, my goodness. Sprawled out. Hello.
– Hey. How’s it going?
– What do we have? MAN: We’ve got her boyfriend
in the back of the ambulance, so that’s why we
couldn’t take her. She was talking to police,
started having a seizure. We found out afterwards,
apparently all the blood’s from her boyfriend. KIM: Does she have a
history of seizures? MAN: Don’t know.
Oh, yes– KIM: Have you been taking your
medications like you should? No. AUDREY: So Kim, she’s going
to be mine, because her heart rate’s almost 150. The first thing I noticed is
how elevated her heart rate is. It’s almost 150, which
is super, super fast. I’m just going to make sure
none of this blood’s yours, OK? What happened to your boyfriend? Do you know? She’s altered. We call it postictal,
which is the altered period after a seizure. I’m going to start a IV in case
we have another seizure, OK? I’m going to ask you some
simple questions, OK? Do you know what city you’re in? Good. What year is it? Good. KIM: Can I see your arm
real quick, Jazmine? AUDREY: How many
dimes are in $1? AUDREY: 10?
OK. We’re going to get you
on a little bit of oxygen to see if that helps with
some of the fuzziness, OK? I’m sorry you had
a seizure tonight too, on top of everything else. All right, big poke, OK? 1, 2, 3. KIM: So we’re just going to take
you on down to the hospital, OK? We’re just going to
get you checked out. AUDREY: I think we should
go to the hospital, because our heart rate’s
still pretty elevated. It’s, like, almost
150, which is not normal, even after a seizure. AUDREY: I think we should
go to the hospital, because our heart rate’s
still pretty elevated. Why do you not want to go? AUDREY: My patient’s
just had a seizure. The first thing I noticed is
how elevated her heart rate is. It’s almost 150, which
is super, super fast. She also wasn’t on her
seizure medications. She also had a lot
of stress tonight. There are so many things that
could have caused her seizure and caused her to have
another seizure later on. I’ve done that for
a little while, and I know when patients are
about to have another seizure a lot of the times. That’s what I think is going
to happen if we don’t go. AUDREY: When’s the last time
you had a seizure before today? AUDREY: OK. AUDREY: Few more stickers, OK? This is because the
heart’s going so fast, and we can at least get
this picture of your heart, make sure nothing
crazy’s going on, OK? A lot of times, patients
that have a seizure history don’t want to go, because
they have breakthrough seizures relatively frequently. And that’s kind of
something that they just live with every day. Do you know the risk involved
if you don’t go the hospital? Can you tell me that you
understand those risks? AUDREY: What could
happen if we don’t go? AUDREY: Mm-hm. Or you could not be
breathing very well and get some kind
of brain injury that could lead to
permanent disability, right? Or death, right? AUDREY: Or a coma. Right. I have to ask, is there a reason
that you don’t want to go? AUDREY: We really
want her to go. We want to take her. We want to be able
to monitor her, but we can’t kidnap her and
take her to the hospital. If you do have another seizure,
you need to go, for sure. OK? Really did not like
her heart rate. Alcohol lowers your
seizure threshold. Stress lowers your
seizure threshold. KIM: And you haven’t
been on your– Not taking your medications
lowers your seizure threshold. I should have made her
do, like, a pinky promise. You should have. Pinky promise if
you have a seizure and we see you again tonight,
you’re going to the hospital. You’re going. All right. I’ll drive. You ride. I’ll ride. KIM: Let’s go try
to get some ice cream before everything closes.

65 thoughts on “Nightwatch Nation: Won’t Go to the Hospital (Season 1, Episode 7) | A&E

  1. Never an RMA on the ones that don't need to go, but for some reason, always RMAs on those that need to go to the hospital the most.

    Makes no sense. Just like full moon or saying to your partner "geez, it's awfully quiet…"

  2. When they said her heart rate was 150 and they were asking her questions why didn’t she state that she didn’t want to go to the hospital at that time?!? Why wait until after they put an IV in and then say you don’t wanna go to the hospital! Makes no sense at all I kinda think they should have just taken her to be safe and not have to worry about her possibly having another seizure and getting injured

  3. I got the money for the trip out do you want to do nothing it’s OK my grandma had to get my grandma grandma and my grandmafetsgat I’m OK I’m just watching Lily

  4. My ex has epilepsy and he doesn’t ever want to go to the hospital afterwards. They generally feel like they’ll be okay, especially right after considering they don’t know what even just happened. It’s terrifying.

  5. Such a shame for her, and it is probably to do with a number of different things that she doesn't want to go. At least here in the UK we have free healthcare, and going in an ambulance, visiting a doctor or going to hospital for an operation doesn't cost us anything.

  6. Implied consent she's in a altered state of mind I'm not having a patient die on my watch when it can be treated I'll take the write up

  7. My husband had a three level neck fusion, the surgery and recovery nurses and doctors and staff was wonderful, they keep me updated on everything they did. We was put on the sixth floor, the nurses on the sixth floor was wonderful, have to give a shout out to Devon, Julie, Katie, they were wonderful. Would go back there again.

  8. I get that ride can be inmadting and expensive if I was her I would go because Sizure are some thing you play with

  9. Each experience I have had has been wonderful. Definitely my hospital of choice. Nursing care is outstanding! Emergency unbelievable. Visits by team assigned to you upon admittance standing. And follow up with attending physicians easily obtainable. I rate them 100 out of 100. Denise Clark Bay Minette Alabama

  10. okay idk if this is just me or whatever, but i’m like binge watching all of these episodes!!

  11. My friend has epilepsy but I’ve never seen her have a seizure and I don’t think I want to, I feel really sorry for people that have seizures, they will have epilepsy for the rest of their life 😞

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