NICU Nurse Residency: A Culture of Learning and Support

>>I would expect to hear pretty
loud sounds on the left side. My coworkers are always willing
to answer questions. I’m close to a year and then I’m still asking
millions of questions every single day. And I never feel like I’m
asking the wrong questions. And people are always really supportive of that. And then I’ve also really enjoyed
starting with a group of new nurses. That was really helpful in seeing that
we were all kind of in the same boat. And even though we were in a wide array
of specialties, that there were a lot of common things that we all kind of brought
to the table and we are all questioning in ourselves too throughout the year.>>I enjoy being able to teach new nurses kind
of the information I’ve learned along the way. It’s hard to keep her calm and listen
at the same time but you did great. A lot of things I learned in
nursing were kind of trial and error and I like to help nurses learn
without the error portion.>>I had one preceptor that we try
to pair you with as much as we could. It didn’t happen every single shift but
when it did, she was always really good about making sure that I felt comfortable
and confident with what I was doing. For example, I would do a skill and
we had already talked about the skill, she had already shown me how
to do I, and when I did it, I was still able to still
ask questions during it. I was still able to say, hey, you know,
I know this is what you showed me, but I’m having trouble remembering this aspect. A lot of what we do in the NICU is
incredibly complex and has a lot of steps. And so, knowing that I could ask those
questions and her response was always, that’s a great question, you know, oh,
this part is kind of difficult, oh, I had trouble with that too, it made me feel so
much comfortable and confident in my abilities. For the most part, I feel like as a
new nurse, you have no idea what you– what kind of unit you’re going to be on,
what kind of specialty you might have. And to have some education in the classroom on
top of having a preceptor and group of people that are there to support you has
really prepared me well for this job. [ Music ]

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