NICU at Medical Center of Trinity

– [Narrator] Your health is in your hands. Exceptional care is in ours. At Medical Center of Trinity, caring for our community is more than a job, it’s our passion. Equipped with highly
skilled medical talent and advanced medical technology we bring together compassion,
preventative education, and innovative treatments. We offer a full range
of capabilities on-site, and have been awarded for our
high level of patient care. Our convenient location,
and exceptional treatment, make us an ideal choice to receive specialized care closer to home. Medical Center of Trinity
is home to Pasco County’s only level two neonatal
intensive care unit. This means we are equipped
to provide additional levels of care to babies born prematurely, or with special conditions. Our NICU team is highly experienced in caring for these delicate cases. Each of our NICU babies are cared for by All Children’s Specialty Physicians, in a unit designed
specifically for their needs. Our family-centered approach
means we keep you informed and involved every step of the way. We encourage family visits, breastfeeding, and skin-to-skin bonding
with your NICU baby. We’re equipped with a state
of the art monitoring system, which allows you to check in on your baby any time day or night, when you are unable to be at the hospital. Our goal is to be sure
you never feel separated from your baby while he or she
receives their special care. We know that time in the NICU can be unsettling for any family. At Medical Center of Trinity we provide a warm, comforting environment, combined with the latest
technology to help ensure your baby receives the best possible care. Medical Center of Trinity. Exceptional care is here.

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