Nicole’s Story – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

I’m a nurse practitioner.
I have two beautiful little girls. I have a two and a half year old and a six week old now. I have three four-legged babies too –
English bulldogs. And of course my husband. Honestly, hands down an amazing experience. I can’t really think of anything I could have asked for. I was made to feel at home. I was made to feel comfortable. No part of the process felt rushed. The nursing care was first class. It was truly an amazing experience. I had my first daughter in Lexington
at a different facility. And everyone has this preconceived notion that oh it’s a bigger city.
You’re gonna get better care. This is where you should have your your baby. I live in Lexington as well so
there’s convenience there too. However, having had
the most recent, our second child, here at Frankfort Regional Medical Center. Having that ability to compare. Again, hands down, there’s no comparison. The nursing care was better. The facility, to me, was better. I know that the delivery room was much more spacious. I have a lot of family so
at the previous facility we were limited to the amount of people that we
could actually bring in the room. Here, there was no limit. Dr. Hall – he is always so warm. He is always so caring. It doesn’t matter you know
whether you see him out in the community or whether you see him in the office you
know whether he’s delivering your baby he’s the same person throughout. I
mean he’s just he’s very genuine and very caring. I think what has continued to draw
me back to Dr. Hall as my physician is the fact that he is so genuine and he truly does care. You know, he’ll give you a hug after your appointment. He’ll ask about your family. He’ll ask about, you know, what’s going on
in your life. You know it’s not just let’s talk about why you’re here. Let’s talk about what medication
we’re going to start you on. Let’s get this over with. He truly does care about you as a person all around. And that’s just, you don’t get that a lot. Having people in the delivery room, I mean, here at Frankfort Regional, they’re just very very open to what what
you would prefer as the mom. I mean the decision was left up to me and that
doesn’t just go with you know how many people do you want the delivery room?
It’s, you know, what makes you more comfortable? You want the lights on?
You want the lights off? Do you want more pillows? Do you want…? You know, I mean everything… I mean I truly felt like I was catered to the whole time.

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