Nicole DeVere | Thyroid Cancer | Rose Medical Center

(peaceful music) – My names’s Nicole DeVere
and I live in Denver, and I was treated at Rose Medical Center. My whole experience with thyroid cancer began when I was getting my
annual checkup with my doctor. She was feeling my thyroid
and she felt a nodule, so she’s like, let’s just
get this checked out, just to be sure it’s okay. So then I went in for an ultrasound and they’re like, all right,
this looks a little suspicious. We’re gonna send you to Dr. Vanderveen and she’s gonna do a
fine-needle biopsy on you. So, then, went over to Dr. Vanderveen and she was able to biopsy
the nodule in my neck, and my lymph nodes, right
there in her office. She was the one who did it
and right then and there, in the office, they could see that it was papillary thyroid cancer. Immediately, my first thought when I was told that I had papillary
thyroid cancer was, there’s no way, I’m 25. 25 year olds don’t get cancer or, I’m healthy, I had no symptoms. How does this happen? Dr. Vanderveen made it clear to me that, look, you’ll be okay, we
caught this pretty early and once you get the surgery,
and then radioactive iodine, you should be good and
you’ll live a long life. So thankfully, she reassured me that, of all the cancers, this
one was very treatable and I was in good hands. So my care with Dr.
Vanderveen was amazing. I was most worried about the
scar that was gonna be left. Of course I went online and
looked at all these crazy pictures of the surgery
I was about to get, it was gonna be a five hour surgery. I was all worried, but she assured me that no one would ever see my scar. It would be invisible,
basically, and it really is. And then, I only stayed
one night in the hospital. Which was great, all thanks to her care. So I was around walking the
next day and outta here. The thing I remember most about
my whole experience at Rose was the great care that her whole team, over at the thyroid clinic, gave me. Even with my follow-up
appointments, with her PA, Anne, they would take their time and answer any questions I had and, they were always in really great spirits. And that helped me with my recovery. What I would like to share with others that were just diagnosed with cancer, or have a family member that
was just diagnosed with cancer, is that there are so many
people out there that, are willing to give you support and help, and be by your side during
this whole experience. That, and reach out, ask for help. There are so many people that are in groups that you can be a part of, that will really help you
get through this process and you can do it especially with the help and care from
really great surgeons just like Dr. Vanderveen. (hopeful music)

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