Nick Grimm, PA-C

My name is Nicholas Grimm. Healthcare
really chose me. I enjoy being around people, I like taking care of
people, and you know, what better way to do it than through health care,
getting people better. There are a number of people out there that suffer
from skin disease and they deserve better. They’re concerned about
their skin, it affects them profoundly throughout the course of their day and I
think that we can provide a service that allows people to get their life back.
Many people think that their problems can’t be solved because they’ve been
dealing with them for such a long period of time and no one’s really taken
the time to address it. If you’re suffering from, you know, an acute or
chronic skin problem, it would be worth coming in because it may be a
solution to your problem that’s much faster than you might think. It’s
profoundly satisfying to see somebody with a chronic skin disease who’s
suffered their entire life and see them happy, see them smiling, and
have them say, ‘You know what? I got my life back.’ Every medical provider, every
person in the support staff have that common vision of making sure that people
are important and that was what drove me to come to BayCare.

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