Nicholas Brenny, PA, Trauma Surgery Physician Assistant – Burlington, VT, UVM Medical Center

– Hi, my name’s Nick Brenny. I’m a Trauma PA. Being privileged to work in
an academic medical center, also a volunteer firefighter locally here in the Colchester area. So, I am able to relate a little bit more than most people to
patients that are brought in and why it took ’em an hour
to get ’em outta the car before we get to see
’em in the trauma center because if I had other shoes on, I’d be cutting them out of the car. So, I think that’s an added role, an added benefit to the team. I actually participate in the trauma team, the general surgery team,
and the plastic surgery team and having a role and
having all the different attendings that I work for does nothing but benefit the patient care that I’m able to give because of all the different specialties and how they all blend together and make me a better provider.

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