NHS Opens Its First Video Game Addiction Treatment Clinic In London

Do you know that NHS opens its first video
game addiction treatment clinic in London? But before we dig into that, this is zash
from health apt, if you want to know more latest health fact and tips like this, be
sure to go down below, press the subscribe button and the notification bell so you are
always notified on my latest videos. See you after the break. The UK National Health Service is opening
its first clinic in London to treat addiction to video games. The patients of the medical institution will
be adolescents and young people aged 13 to 25 years. It is reported that UK doctors can prescribe
a referral to the clinic as early as October 8th. Inpatient treatment will begin in November. Currently, specialists in this field have
called on game companies to take on part of the financial burden of servicing the patients
of the clinic. The World Health Organization have already
recognized “gaming disorder” as a medical condition. It is classified as addictive behavior involving
problems in the personal, family, social and other important areas of life. Earlier it was reported that the parents of
several Canadian schoolchildren began preparing a class action lawsuit for Epic Games. The parents of the players compared the game
of this developer, Fortnite, accused the company of deliberate release of the game, causing
addiction among young people. So, if you really care about your grownup
child, you have to educate them in a proper manner, that they can understand what is recreation
and what is addiction. Be healthy be happy always. Remember to stay tuned with this channel,
See you later, and thanks for watching.

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