Next steps following discharge from hospital

At Trillium Health Partners we know that
it isn’t easy to be in hospital, but sometimes despite your best efforts,
hospital is where you need to be. While you’re in hospital many things might take place – you may need a series of investigations, maybe you needed a surgery,
perhaps you’re recovering from a fall or an injury. However eventually you recover
and you make it back home. Home is where you want to be, but getting back home
from hospital can be hard. You may have had changes to your medications, maybe
there were tests or new diagnosis that were made and probably they left you
some paperwork that you weren’t sure what to do with. And what about all those
tests: blood tests, CT scans, x-rays, ultrasounds. You’ve been through a lot
and maybe you’re not sure what the results meant and whether any follow-up
is required. Between all the changes in your medications, all the follow-ups that
you are told to have, all the tests that you’ve had done – it could be hard to keep
track of all these things – and if we don’t keep track of them, it’s hard to
stay well and stay out of hospital. So how do you make sure you stay well when you get home? See your family doctor within seven days.
That’s the best way Your family doctor knows you well, they
can review any changes to your medications and clear up any questions
you have, they can go over the discharge papers you are given and make sure all
the right follow-up happens – and finally, they can check you over to make sure
that you continue to be well since you’ve been discharged from hospital. We
want your transition from hospital to home to be a safe one. Remember – within the
first seven days of discharge from hospital, see your family doctor and stay
well together. Bye for now.

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