Newly Lighted LEGO Hospital with detailed interior! LMLC #8

hey everybody welcome back to New Jang
city where I’ve got some new stuff to show you
lighting wise we’re gonna be going down to that end of the table this is the
enterprise Medical Center my custom Hospital and it is fully lit up on the
inside and a little bit on the outside there we go that’s the look I wanted to
show you so this has a lot of windows and being a modern hospital it’s
supposed to be bright and you put those two together and the entire thing has a
very bright face what I like most about how this turned out is that I have
enough light on the inside deep enough inside that you can actually see things
that aren’t just at the level that’s closest to you but actually down the
hall and sometimes even past that from the second-floor mezzanine for example
you can see into the break room and again with plenty of windows probably
too many windows you can see inside even further here’s the third floor CT scan
room in the radiology wing and if you look through its door you can also see
down the hall there there’s the x-ray room some
administrative offices and an exam room also on the third floor from this side
you can see distinct lighting zones using different types of LEDs the
ambulance Bay has mostly localized lighting that focuses around the
emergency entrance I didn’t want to light up the entire Bay for this entire
thing I was mostly just taking inspiration from what I’ve seen in
person from actual hospitals and trying to make it look like that overall this
large inpatient care area is brightly lit over here but when you get to the
other end where some patients are resting the lights get dimmer and
there’s also some warmer light the birthing suites also use that warmer
light because it’s supposed to be more calming and patients definitely need to
be calmed if they’re going to be attended to by a robot and Doc Holliday
the nursery is fully bright right now because all the babies are fully awake
and happy and this is just one of the areas that I thought was nicer for us as
huge figures to look at from the outside so I wanted to make sure it was fully
brightly lit and there again you can also see a little bit behind to the
hallway and what’s going on back there fact from this angle
you can see one of the nurses stations and I think you can see the same thing
yep from down here here’s one more
individual exam room and again with the clear door you get a view down the hall
Oh almost forgot to show the to emergency / operating rooms it’s still a
little bit difficult to see inside of him because there’s only a corner window
for each but normally or before you couldn’t really see in here at all it
was quite very dark so this is a market improvement and really helps to show off
the cleanness of of the space and the brightness of the space so obviously
there’s not a super realistic depiction of privacy here but I really wanted to
focus on and prioritize visibility for us to actually be able to see the scenes
because if I closed everything up from the outside then what would even be the
point of having details in the interior with all the windows yeah it might not
be realistic but I like being able to see in there and I like being able to
share a look at the interior with all of you without tearing the entire building
apart and the lighting really just completes the effect now the roof has a
little bit of lighting that’s been added but I really want to add more to this
later on I just need to figure out more exactly how I want to do it
so here I’ve integrated in a little bit of the brick stuff lights just to be
able to use they’re really small LEDs for the floodlight Searchlight spotlight
things on the sides I got one there one there and then I’ve got the cheaper
strip type light that’s a custom installation underneath the eve of the
the overhang for the entrance to the elevator and then this is a brick stuff
light up here we’re just that just a single one is just a single LED in there
with the lights gonna be with the wires fully enclosed inside of the stock there
and that’s just a basic one that has a set blinking frequency so I didn’t use
one of their lighting effect boards which could have made it a little bit
more realistic with a slower blink or possibly even a fade they have very nice
lighting effect boards but they’re very expensive and it wasn’t ready to
invest in one just for a single light I just want to see you know how this would
work one of the nicest things about how this turned out with the lighting
installed is that it actually improves the look of this even under full
lighting conditions so I don’t need to turn the lights down in the room to be
able to appreciate the difference over here in this corner so if I step back
and zoom all the way out you can still see that the building is is highlighted
and compared to the way it has appeared for why does it years now I suppose it’s
just so much more alive you know it has that a little bit of glow to it which
just feels appropriate to me and I like having just a little bit of a movement
that’s suggested by the blinking light it would be nice to have some some
alternating yellow lights down on the helipad itself as well and possibly to
to light up the helicopter maybe even a little bit with just some markers but
you know there’s a lot more work to be done in the future but for right now
I’ve done the major stuff and it is also connected to the same circuit as
everything else so the entire the entirety of everything that I’ve lit up
so far is ultimately connected to one outlet here’s what it looks like with
the lights turned down to just about as dim as they’ll go before I go off
completely actually most of the bulbs overhead are turned off but just shows
you the relative brightness of the building that’s fully lit up versus at
least three-quarters of the city that has absolutely no lighting in it
whatsoever but I’ve started to to bring in some lights in various places and I
will continue to expand that of course we’re looking at the dark side of the
mall right now but if I bring you over to this side there’s some brightness
there it doesn’t quite match what’s going on with the hospital and yes the
hospital does look very bright and I said I I kind of wanted to honestly some
parts of it I would like to see brighter but I don’t want the whole thing to
project too much light outside of itself on to the surrounding area so you’re
seeing kind of a kind of an exaggeration you know what you see on camera would
you see on screen doesn’t quite match how
our own eyes automatically adjust in real-time as we look at different
lighting situations you’re looking at this with just a fixed fixed iris
basically so it’s it’s not a realistic depiction but I am happy with what I’ve
done so far if I wanted there to be less light I definitely would have left some
out I kind of want there to be a little bit more but I’m holding back a little
bit of restraint I don’t want to overdo it and for folks worried about my power
usage and electrical bill I still get comments about stuff like that on a
regular basis I appreciate the concern where it is genuine but not to worry the
new building uses the most electricity of any of my installations so far more
even than the mall and it’s taking up less than 6 watts and for comparison
remember an old traditional single regular light bulb would be 60 watts 6-0
so about 1/10 of the power of a single traditional LED bulb or about a little
more than half of the power of a modern LED that’s equivalent in in light output
is what that entire building is using up and that is a very strongly lit building
with three floors and a little bit on the top as well and that that accounts
also for losses through connectors and wiring and everything which is
relatively minimal but overall the amount of juice that’s being used is
very very very small and for everything that I have put together here it’s still
less than one light bulb so far quite a bit less than one light bulb so far so
maybe once I get another well if I get I think maybe the rest of the buildings
down at that end lit up then that’ll be one light bulb worth I’ve got in my hand
here just a little bit of extra the stuff that I use so for folks who are
interested in in what I did there I mentioned that I used the brick stuff
system from brick stuff comm for a few of the lights everything else is just
using stuff like this from Amazon you just get
a roll of stuff like this these are these are ones that are set up to be
driven by five volts in and they have the appropriate resistors four or five
volt in polt every five volt input so if you’re looking for stuff like this I use
less than $10 worth of lights for almost all of the illumination that you see
there from just strips like this and they’re available in various color
temperatures and you just want to look for the stuff that’s powered by USB it’s
the simplest thing if you’re going to be going with five volt power but I mean
there are many different power options out there 12 volt is very very common I
just went I went with five because the brick stuff system uses five they also
have their USB input and that’s kind of my that was my starting point they also
have battery power brick loot lights like I’ve used over here for this little
elevated station also will are set up to run off five volts from the start so for
me it was just easy and convenient to standardize on on five volts for the
stuff that I was using as them the main input and ultimately with my power
supply and my power grid that’s run underneath the tables here I’ll be able
to set up little USB ports if I want to hit to connect things that are literally
powered by I hate by USB but anything that that needs to be done with custom
connections will also work and ultimately I’ll probably have a 12 volt
rail underneath there for some other stuff I do still want to use some of the
Ibrox system I got I think for for Ibrox units out of the many many many many
many that I ordered and I got those some time ago and I still want to integrate
those for some of the lower stuff they’re not as useful as I was hoping
they would be but I think they still will be useful to some degree and I
believe they’re using 12 volts so I’ll probably have a secondary system set up
I definitely want to work on that planetary defense force base very soon
I’m starting to get the the natural desire to go back to that corner and
work on that some more which is good I need to have that natural inspiration
can’t force it otherwise things won’t come out looking
and I won’t feel good about it I also got lights to start working on the
entire harbour and what I have a limited amount of lighting there and this is not
going to be a super bright area but I want to have a bunch of little lights to
brighten up individual parts but the most part for this video just want to
show you the hospital and that is now taken care of and I’m gonna work on some
other stuff so I’ll talk again soon

100 thoughts on “Newly Lighted LEGO Hospital with detailed interior! LMLC #8

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