100 thoughts on “Newborn Baby’s Second Day at the Hospital – Feeding Problems & First Bath!

  1. Don't follow colleen's footsteps by associating "newborn" to "problem" and "complaint"..
    You are good parents and you've been thru it all. Do what's best for your child.

  2. Is it normal for the first bath in the US to be a sponge bath rather than being partially submerged in a baby bath, or were they worried about Luke getting too cold?

  3. I hope that the breastfeeding is getting easier. My last baby never did want the breast. Like you, I wanted to breast feed. I saw lactation specialist who tried special nipple covers and all sorts of tricks to get my baby to take the breast. It got so stressful and all she would do was scream when put on the breast. I knew when to say, enough is enough. I pumped and bottle fed her instead. It didn’t change or affect how close we were and are. Sometimes it’s just too stressful trying to get it to work. All that matters is that Luke gets the nutrition he needs, whether that be solely breast milk, breast milk and formula, or just formula. Try not to beat yourself up or feel that breast feeding is all important. It just isn’t. Wishing you the best

  4. Fed babies are the best babies, just remember that 🙂 If he can't breastfeed, as much as it sucks, it doesn't equal failure. So don't let it get you down to much.

  5. You look so beautiful!! I’m just curious though, why do the nurses always bathe them first? Shouldn’t you be given that opportunity?

  6. Awww!!! Congratulations you guys!!! He is perfect! his little cry was so sweet!! Best wishes to you and your family 😉 HUGGS!!

  7. Thank you for sharing the bath! So cute and I am trying to get my cats and dog used to baby cries for January 24! 😁 No bad reactions so that makes me very happy!

  8. I know its hard but don't compare this baby to all your other kids. Every pregnancy and baby is different he's so tiny. He needs his nutrients. Formula is not poison.

  9. You are an amazing mama …and thank you for showing us this part of motherhood!! We love you Jess and try to remember fed is best!!

  10. Here is a positive story for you momma, I think we have my son a binky the second night he was born, he loveeeees his binky even now that he’s 6 months old. He is EBF and has never had nipple confusion!

  11. He’s perfect, like a little doll. Breastfeeding can be so stressful, and it’s hard not to feel frustrated or upset when it’s difficult or doesn’t work out. There’s this judgement in place that breast is best, and while there are a ton of benefits, none of it matters if your baby isn’t eating. So long as he’s fed, the manner of which it happens really does not matter. Keep trying for as long as you want, but know that formula-fed isn’t the end of the world. I’m currently in college studying early childhood care and during a recent discussion, we all came to the same conclusion. There’s no right way, there’s just your way. So long as you and baby are happy, healthy and comfortable, there’s no such thing as the wrong way. Congratulations you two, he’s truly a little blessing ❤️

  12. Fed is best. I tried exclusively breastfeeding and for myself personally it was a lot. I now do both breastfeeding and supplement with formula, and give expressed milk. I do what I can. My son is healthy and that's all that matters 💙

  13. My almost three year old son was mostly formula fed from a bottle and I ended up comfort nursing with my first I am currently almost due for my second son and I want to breastfeed or try to breastfeed my second little one but if he is formula feed then he's at least eating

  14. Jessica please remember that while breastfeeding is great and can be a bonding moment for mother and baby but making sure your baby is not only fed and gaining weight and growing into a strong healthy little guy but also ur not stressing yourself out and putting too much pressure on yourself is more important than breastfeeding. Even if Luke ends up needing to be formula fed he is going to be surrounded by so much love and that's the most important thing.

  15. Don’t feel defeated about the formula my sister has a hard time breastfeeding and she’s done formula for all three of her kids and it is almost the same at breast milk it’s not bad to use formula for your baby. I hope this was a little helpful ps I’m not saying either is bad 🙂❤️

  16. Im sure your lactation consultant already told you this but something that really help my milk flow get going and also helped get more milk out when pumping was massaging your breast while pumping, kinda a pushing ,sweeping motion in the direction of your nipple, I was always surprised when I thought I was done pumping how much more would come out with massage!

  17. Nutrition and growth are ultimately the priority, so breastfed or formula, either one that he gets is and always should be what works. Formula gets such a bad wrap where as it has all the nutrients. Stay positive and don’t feel defeated

  18. We had to supplement with formula at birth because my daughter was jaundice. There was no nipple confusion and she went on to be a breast feeding baby long after I was ready to quit! Whatever baby needs. Keep your spirits up, it will all work out!! <3

  19. I have two kids and couldn't breast feed either, they just weren't getting what they needed. Couldn't even use a breast pump. Formula is good to have, some babies just need that over the breast milk, it is perfectly fine. It's always best that they get fed and stay strong and healthy

  20. Oh I can totally relate to how you are feeling. It’s such a hard confusing, but also amazing time. In an effort to make you feel more confident, my son had to go to the intensive care unit when he was born, had an IV and was given a pacifier to help soothe the pain from the IV… all before we were able to try nursing. He was also given formula because of his blood sugar levels..I was so worried about nipple confusion too. We also really struggled with breastfeeding at the beginning.. and I mean REALLY struggled and I was feeling so defeated. HOWEVER we were able to figure it out and I nursed him for an entire year. Don’t give up!!! It WILL get better.

  21. Please do not beat yourself up, every baby is different and you and Luke will get the hang of his way of feeding ❤️

  22. it's so strange seeing the last clip of newborn luke cut to a clip of infant parker!!!! that was so long ago and i remember watching that video for the first time!!

  23. My first daughter had issues at birth & she had to learn to nurse. She had a bottle and that confused her. I stuck in there with her as she was in hospital for 10 days! I pumped exclusivly also and eventually she learned & nursed til she was 17 months. She had to learn. It was hard but we made it through ! She’s all grown up now – 28 ! It was an emotional time. We made it through !

  24. Just a suggestion… have you considered a nipple shield? My oldest grandson had nursing issues, but when they introduced the nipple shield, he did good.

  25. Every baby is different just because all the other kids nurses doesn’t mean he HAS too aswell not all babies can latch easily he clearly is having a difficult time and he needs to eat their is nothing wrong with formula or using a bottle

  26. Have you tried seeing if he jaw issues because my brother didn’t latch on either and that was because he had a massive overbite and now he has to have jaw surgery?!

  27. I know its hard for you, I mean I'm only 12 and I can understand it. My aunt had breastfeeding issues with my cousin, and he got there, and I'm sure Luke will too!

  28. I’m so glad you share all of these details. I am pregnant with my first and I am like a sponge just soaking up all the info I can get!

  29. It’s totally fine if you have to use formula I have two sisters and they both used formula my sister Beth trued breastfeeding but he didn’t like it he would scream cry and through a fit so she had to use formula and my other sister Bri used formula because she thought is was easier instead of spending all that time pumping and the formula was the easiest because all you have to do is fill the bottle up with as much water as you think will be good then at two scoops of formula shake it up and then it’s done but it’s your decision and don’t try to push force your body to do something that is doesn’t want to do but formula is still good

  30. It’s okay to feel down mamas but don’t be hard on yourself as long as baby Luke is getting fed that’s all that matter

  31. Awww that newborn cry! So special! And don't give up on the breastfeeding – he is only tiny and you have a lifetime of love to give! Keep the faith!

  32. "Try a nipple shield" I did not want to give my second baby a paci or anything because I couldn't successfully breast feed my first and that's all I wanted for the second and when she wouldn't do well at first I started to freak out but once they gave me a nipple shield it worked wonders!!

  33. My baby (who is now 12 weeks old) was born at 36 weeks and struggled to suck because he was quite small. He has expressed milk and formula in a bottle as well to help engage his sucking ability. Now he is exclusively breast feed so don't give up hope. He may just need some extra time. I felt like I wasn't needed at first but then I saw how much he progressed I realised how good introducing the bottle/dummy was. Keep up the good work mamma.

  34. Even if he doesn’t take from breast, breast milk is still perfectly easy and normal. Whether she mentions it or not, you can still pump and bottle feed. Breast milk can be obtained just as healthily whether from the breast or bottle. It doesn’t matter.

  35. Who else is a loyal fan of the ballinger family❤️
    But I’m not using them for likes I just wannna know who else is a loyal fan because I am

  36. Decades go by, and the "medical advice" just does not improve at all. Two days, and you are worried, when your milk has not likely come in completely yet. Relax mama. Your precious child is not starving. You are not a first time mother. You know that milk will come in and engorge you most uncomfortably. Stop with the artificial nipples unless you elect to give him plain water (I know the insane doctors discourage that now as well) and keep introducing your own. He will learn and he will nurse just fine!

  37. I was formula fed because my mom was in school and working, I'm now an adult that has never been on antibiotics and my immune system is crazy strong just saying

  38. Hey! My mom couldn’t breast feed me because it was too painful. She gave me formula and I’ve turned out fine! Don’t think that just because you can’t breast feed, doesn’t mean your a bad mom! Love you and keep it up! ❤️

  39. I went through the same situation with my daughter when she was born, she didn't want to latch at all, screamed the whole time. I tried to pump but didn't produce anything (not even colostrum). After a day the nurses came in and asked if they could give her formula because she was so hungry and wouldn't stop crying. It broke my heart because I wanted to breastfeed so badly. We tried so many different ways to get her to breastfeed and I eve tried to exclusively pump. I ended up switching completely to formula after a month because I mentally couldn't handle it anymore. Now she's a glowing 2.5 year old that is SO smart, well nourished and amazing. Do what's best for you and him, you won't regret it! <3

  40. It can be so hard to find the best way to pump for your body. There are different pumps (like you mentioned), flange sizes/styles, techniques (massaging/compressing breasts while pumping), using coconut oil or something to help nipples move more freely, figuring out the let-down simulation (which I had to do a few times while pumping), etc. I’m not saying these things to pressure you to pump/breastfeed but I know it’s important to you and unfortunately not all lactation consultants are great at figuring these things out. I’ve gotten so much help from support groups on Facebook along with trial and error! Anyway in the end you will figure out what’s best for you and Luke. Everything you’ve done for him is above and beyond and everything you ever do for him will always be enough. You are a wonderful mommy!

  41. I'm pregnant so anytime I hear someone crying my breasts start tingling 😂 Still watching the bath part because babies are cute

  42. Mama, fed is best. As long as he is eating, he is doing great! I can't personally relate, but I have friends who I witnessed this struggle through and the only thing that really helps is remembering that you want a healthy baby. So however Luke wants to feed, just go with it. I have faith in you and Luke.

  43. When you’ve got a big family…
    Jessica: “I’ve rented this pump several kids ago” 😂💖 god love this family! Love them so much! 💖

  44. I sobbed for three days straight trying to figure out feeding my kid because I wanted to breastfeed so badly. we also had to give formula at the hospital and I cried thinking I had failed. we figured it out only for me to have to stop nursing three weeks later (due to PTSD) and I exclusively pumped, supplementing with formula when I didn't make enough. a couple months later, with the help of a therapist and lactation consultant, I was able to return to nursing and that's where we're at now about four months later. whatever you need to do to keep your baby fed is the right choice!

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