100 thoughts on “New York Doctor Reports From Front Lines Of Coronavirus Crisis: ‘It Does Not Spare Anyone’ | TODAY

  1. Hey New York Stop fleeing your New York and coming to Rhode Island that is all we see here is New York cats every where. Stay out we don’t want you here

  2. I wonder how many of those people in ICU were the ones walking around when they were told to stay home?

  3. Our world as we once knew it has been taken away. I wonder is this is something that we will see again after the medication is found to treat it, is it seasonal. Again, Thank You for caring for me.

  4. We R Fuckd. People are not going to comply with the necessary precautions unless you force them… It's that simple

  5. at least you folks still have gowns, masks. we are given 1 N95 to te-use…1 surgical mask for each person to use for 1 week

  6. Today, found out, we had a non employee, hospice healthcare employee bring in to our facility a possible exposure due to a positive Coronavirus test on one of her clients.

    We are on continue lock down. We have be asking for PPE

  7. Tell us about Event 201, doctor. What a coincidence it was conducted just a couple months before the "real thing" happened.

  8. Where is he seeing these empty streets? Because I have video of the streets in New York and they are full of people and so are the parks, so what part of New York is this clown talking about?

  9. Now this is the time to prepare and stay home as much as possible after listening to Dr. Spencer. Please be very careful and stay safe everyone. It's the only way to save lives!

  10. “N95 masks that help filter out the virus” but yeah Americans don’t wear masks because they don’t work which is why the dr need them. Quit being dumb stay home and wear a mask regardless because it DOES help quit believing the lies the government is feeding you. They wouldn’t want them being saved for the dr if they didn’t work! They wouldn’t be wearing them if they didn’t work!!!! Hello!!!!

  11. Smh… Another fear factor. Happens every 20 years or so. Remember Y2K…. Here's the report from real hospitals… Mostly these patients consist of people whom are homeless and elderly. My conclusion, like I been saying all along, SCRUBB YOURSELF WHEN YOU SHOWER… Key word "sanitary'

  12. I can’t stop coming from home and just braking down I just want everyone to be good men plzzz May the lord have mercy on us I never been a person who wanted much just a happy calm life that’s all.

  13. Corona spares mayority children, infants, teenager's….youth, such elderly are mostly in danger…or anyone that's not in good condition…and for them all is dangerous…
    And corona virus strain is always present as you get cold, flu….

  14. canada is far worse for ventilators: 12 per 100,000 ppl in Ontario pop. 14.7 million. we are doomed if this takes off

  15. T o get from people, collect money from online for buy different masks for hospitals, and also found where to buy, that company contact with her an given 40% off. Soon will bring some, not much,but for more god will take care are medical workers. Thanks for risks and unslipping nights

  16. Too bad sheikh islam failed to replenish 100M masks used for H1N1 in 2009. He had 7 years! Instead of that and keeping up our military, he gave billions to Iran. Sorry NY!


  18. If he wasn't worried about Ebola when he was infected with it but FEARS Covid…that should be all anyone needs to hear to put some fear in them.

  19. He probably doesn't go any where near his family right now. These doctors and nurses are the true heros. Hopefully the government is helping them with daycare for their children. Oh wait that money is going to pork like theater arts in the multi trillion money printing Fed ponzi scheme

  20. I don’t care what age I am.
    I don’t care if I have to stay home.
    I don’t care what it takes.
    Let’s hope this ends ASAP

  21. I’m a nurse and dealing with this firsthand and this guy is sending out tweets while battling this? I have “normal” shifts that won’t allow me any spare time to even think about personal thoughts or things like social media but you can be in the middle of this awful battle and do interviews like this and tweet? This is why you can’t trust any information unless you see it firsthand

  22. People keep pushing that if you wash your hands you will be protected. You have to stay away from everyone and stay at home. Simply washing your hands doesn’t stop the spread….it’s in the air if there is an infected person around. They need to be pushing and making songs about staying at home instead…..there are still people out there traveling around…going to friends houses…having parties. There are also many people still working…depending on the job….so then they bring it home if others are still out and about. Not just medical workers…but police and other city workers…road crews…grocery store and pharmacy workers. Yet I keep seeing the news media make such a big deal about New Yorkers having to stay home from work. Does the news media want all of them to get this by going to their jobs? Stay home.

  23. Oh give me a freaking break. The media is making this virus as bad as the black plague which is not the case at all if you do get the virus you won't die from it unless u are in fail health or senior years of life.

  24. Check out Dr. Buttar's video commentary: DR. FAUCI (the epidemic "expert") ACTUALLY FUNDED the development of this virus in 2015, knowing what it might do!!!! (It's documented from the University of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill!)

  25. Kashmir has been under lock down for a 234 days and world did nt bother bcz they were poor and oppressed peoples then God put tge whole world under lock down.

    God is great and has shown justice

  26. Ebola, AIDS and Corona viruses are man-made aimed at lowering the world population and also used as biological weapons by countries like the US, the UK and Israel for their hegemonic interests.

  27. I work at a gas station convenience store, they say just wipe stuff down with santizer liquid they make, wear gloves. but I see people from all over off the freeway from new York to florida. I live with an older person, i'm worried if I get it he will die.i need the paycheck but is it worth this risk, i'm getting more scared each day. I get a shower when I get home but I worry if its not enough protection. we wipe down pump handles and pin pads to protect customers but what are they doing to protect me? just wash my hands and wear gloves may not be enough.

  28. Thanks to the brave Doctor message, we all have to stay home this is very dangerous, think about its like we are the potential virus.
    We have to listen we are human been.

  29. He looks like tony stark went a different path because of Asian parents and got stung in the lip

  30. Doctors deserve more pay its funny how people only notice the risks they take when its a global epidemic doctors and nurses etc… all benefit humanity they should be prioritized

  31. All I keep hearing from people around and on twitter is it’s no big deal, no worse then the flu. People are idiots. No one is taking it serious. But I am, n95 mask and all when I go out. I have followed scientists and doctors since January, they all made dire warnings. I prepared , nobody else did. Wear protection when you must go out. Otherwise isolate at home. Only fools have no fear. May God Bless us all.

  32. I don't have money like you guys if I don't work I don't get paid I can't pay bills will end up homeless can't stop working

  33. You can tell homie feeling sad…his face looks like he be crying every night about this virus thing going on, this is too much for us humans God please help us

  34. I stay home, I only go out to get food, and my medical treatment for my back, and neck.

    God bless all medical professionals, and retail workers who are ALL putting themselves at risk for the safety of others. These are the most selfless people on earth at this time. Thank you ALL for your dedication to helping all of us.


  35. The world should give a big thanks to the 🇨🇳 Chinese communist party leader chairman Xi for his big decision to control the coronavirus

  36. God Bless the Medical Care people that are on the front lines dealing with this, The US is in a serious crisis right now !

  37. This book helpful to cure coronavirus.


  38. in near future, if not anytime soon, job description of doctors and nurses are gonna be
    like soldiers at war constantly fighting off the virus, risking life as much as solders, firefighters, or even police

  39. Prayers for everyone who are sick, thank you to all,our Doctors and Nurses. I am so grateful to be able to stay home

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