New VA Medical Clinic opens in Princeton

of the equipment and possible damage to vehicles riding on the rubblized concrete, it is impossible to let traffic through during this time. There are two suggested detours for drivers to use while the exit is closed. RILEY: The city of Princeton celebrated the grand opening of a new V-A Medical Clinic earlier today. The new clinic is 25 years in the making after being brought up by Veteran Al Hancock. 59 News Reporter Adeena Balthazor has more on how this clinic will benefit Mercer County. SOT: AL HANCOCK- VIETNAM VETERAN “oh I can’t describe my feelings right now cause it’s been a long hard road.” TRACK: Many people including Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito gathered in Princeton for the grand opening of the new Veterans Affair Clinic. Capito says that this location will help veterans get the care they need without having to drive all the way to Beckley. SOT: SEN. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO- WEST VIRGINIA”the variety of services that we see here are so much closer that it alleviate the issue of travel and lack of access for our Veterans. And so I think that is why you’re going to see many more veterans using this service because it is so well placed.” TRACK: The old clinic served around 12 hundred Veterans and the new clinic they are hoping to serve double the amount of Veterans in the 67 hundred square foot facility. Senator Manchin says this is the least we can do for the veterans who risked their lives for this country. SOT: SEN. JOE MANCHIN- WEST RGINIAnd the inic is going to have access to maksehat we can diagnos, givehbest treatment the best commdations for atype of treatmto make em wle again. we’re doing erything we possib can and at’s at we are pposeo do.” ACK: e clinic has been seeing patients since the end of January. Reporting in Princeton Adeena Balthazor 59 News. RILEY: And the new clinic is located on Court House Road in Princeton. They will see patients Monday thru Friday from 8 until 4:30. BRANDON: It’s a weekend to honor those who serve in the last great war. Tomorrow marks the first day of the World War 2 West

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