New Scoliosis Technique- the Truss! with Dr. Hey at Hey Clinic

This is your x-ray here showing that special
truss technique that we came up with. And you’ve got a huge fusion mass there on both
sides, but you are two years post-op and it’s healed up very nicely, it’s very robust. And
especially because of your Paraplegia from your car accident many years ago, you had
to put a large load on this area when you were doing your transfers. But it’s healed
up very well, so this truss really helps to spread the load. If you flip to the lateral
view, my brother, Ken, who is an engineer, helped come up with this design, and we’ve
done some work in the lab over at NC State in mechanical engineering. Here you can see
that truss on the side view. It almost looks like the letter “D”. This really helps prevent
that aggressive bending where the rod wants to break where it’s being bent like this because
the truss is actually bridging across. So a truss is a basic engineering term that we

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