New Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

Healing is an art and a science, and in this case a place where world-class doctors nurses and care teams are guided by one singular goal…to care for kids on a level never before seen. At Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford we’re putting the finishing touches on a major expansion that will create the most technologically advanced children’s hospital in the nation. Every single detail of our newly expanded hospital was made with kids and families in mind, whether it’s for critical care or a routine procedure, we’re more than doubling our size in order to treat more children than ever befoe. We’ll have smart technology like robots that will assist doctors and nurses. Virtual-reality to help to manage stress levels while in the hospital. State-of-the-art scanners that will help doctors pinpoint exactly what type of cancer they’re fighting in order to tailor the precise treatment for the maximum effectiveness. In addition to the cutting-edge science and technology at Stanford, we do as much as we can to normalize the time a child spends in the hospita. This is really important and it was a focus of our founder Lucile Packar. We’ve learned that a connection to the outdoors makes kids healthier, happier, more productive, so we’ve also added over three and a half acres of green space and a design that provides access to nature for everyone, and while the hospital is the center of our universe we also know that sometimes the best care for your family is closer to home. That’s why we’ve created the Bay Area’s largest healthcare network dedicated exclusively to pediatric and obstetric healthcare. It all works together. Stanford pediatric expertise, state-of-the-art technology, the healing power of mother nature, and our generous donor community all working to provide the very best healthcare imaginable for children and expectant mothers. Stanford Children’s Health. Access to Excellence.

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  1. Do you see that picture of my daughter go look at my videos in YouTube video EVELIA GIL AND FB THOMAS EVELIA BOJO And look at all the reviews and different websites this hospitals are committing damages to our kids and being kidnapped by Cps Wendy’s doctors commit the water is warm to a child it happen in our case please be aware to not take your kids here and also you UCSan Francisco

  2. I can't say enough about this hospital. Dr. Sidell is the BEST Doctor (ENT) ever. Every trip we drive 400 miles 1 way to see him. He's that special!

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