New Hospital Rendering Flythrough

Flow – same as the river that winds through
the city almost everything be it mechanical,
biological or digital is driven by movement. This flow of data, people, and materials is the foundation of the new Humber River Regional Hospital. The new hospital has been rigoursly designed to incorporate systems that efficiently transport materials and data and provide comfortable, intuitive passageways for people to move through a sustainable environment. both externally and internally. The challenge a facility of this size faces is making itself seem small, which we
resolved with a community-minded design. A public concourse to clinics, each with their own front door. Vibrant public spaces encourage interaction. The greater whole is defined by its parts. The hospital has been evaluated by five principles all driving the design and planning of the building. Very prominent in these principles is the concept of lean design, which is centered on the study of efficiency and reduction of travel time. The concept of on-stage and off-stage is used throughout the hospital so the inner workings of the facility are
hidden from public view. All the while behind-the-scenes day-to-day
operations such as supply delivery via automated guided vehicles are taking place out of sight allowing for a quiet and tranquil atmosphere in the patient corridors. Administrative tasks that used to take hours now take minutes. For example, nursing staff asked to order blood work before a patient is discharged can do so instantly. The device automatically notifies all members the
care team and then confirms the notifications have been sent allowing staff to spend more time on patient care. The majority of patient rooms in the new hospital are private with specific zones for patients and caregivers and special alcoves for family members. Community concept is continued in the Allee, which is modeled as the main street to
connect to north and south entrances of the hospital. This lively walkway is lined with the key components which include retail pharmacy, main
public elevators, chapel, foundation offices and retail – all terminating at the information desk in the south concourse. Cascading stair from the main concourse next to the commons on the garden level. On this level patients and visitors can access the west parkade through an enclosed passageway keeping them dry and warm during inclement weather. This grand public space features
amenities such as retail, a cafe, and a coffee shop. This variety of space provides opportunities for social interactions for patients and families and
quiet respite for staff. Here’s our focus towards windows with views of the
garden passage and outdoor terrace overlooking the new public plaza. With five acres, the main green space located on the south of the site provides a buffer from the traffic
and speed of the 401. The northern perimeter of this site is
defined by a tree-lined walk. Sensitive to the residential nature of Wilson Avenue, the walk is punctuated by the hospital’s main entry plaza. The northeast corner of the
building is defined by the public entrance to emergency services with an ambulance garage directly adjacent. So how do we make a big hospital seem
small? Quite simply we create a community. A community with neighborhoods that bring patients, caregivers and families
together. They all contribute to the the flow of the Humber River Regional Hospital.

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