New Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Technology Explained By Dr. Trey Alexander

The Bone and Joint Center at Florida Hospital’s Zephyrhills delivers innovative technology and hip and knee replacement surgery. Here with more is orthopedic surgeon Dr. Trey Alexander, nice to see you! Pleasure to have you here! Thank you, thank you for having me. Of course! Let’s talk about Florida Hospital Zephyrhills and the Bone and Joint Center, what sets it apart? So what sets it apart is we’re creating a unique team that’s specifically designed to help patients with hip and knee arthritis and we’re developing about what we feel is a unique and progressive hip knee replacement program. Okay and progressive to the point where you guys are really the only Hospital in East Pasco that offers a rapid recovery hip and knee surgery correct yes and so what we do with rapid recovery hip and knee replacement it’s a combination of multiple things that lead us to do this, but patients are able to get out of the hospital either the same day or the next day following a hip or knee replacement surgery. Yeah, I’m sure a lot of people at home are hearing this and saying how can that possibly be? But the technology has become such that you really can get them in and out can’t you? It is. It’s a combination of multiple things, primarily our surgical techniques that we use, our anesthesia techniques, and then the technology of the implant. Okay, now you’re looking at somebody that is a, and I’ve been told this already by orthopedic surgeons that I am a perfect candidate for a knee replacement, because I have had years and years of trauma on this knee, oh so I’m a 59 year old man I come in to see you, Dr. Alexander, and what are you gonna say to me? What are you gonna do? What’s the process? First of all, I want to know how bad your pain is and how much it’s limiting your activities. A lot. A lot on both counts. On both counts. Right, so the first thing that we would always suggest is to try something other than surgery, okay things like anti-inflammatory pills, cortisone injections, lubricant injections, braces, physical therapy. There are multiple other things to help with your pain other than surgery. Done, done, and done, so now what I’ve already been through all of this so this is good it’s like a personal consultation yeah. So when the pain is bad enough and it’s affecting your activities of daily living, then then it’s that’s when it’s time to think about surgery. Alright and so we’re talking about we said it quick recovery, which is great and so realistically what is that approximately? So, if your surgery is in the morning, you’re up and walking up and down the hallway with physical therapy that afternoon. Wow! Okay. Sign me up. if your pain is good enough and you’re healthy enough you know from a medical standpoint you can go home that day okay. I would say half of our patients over the past quarter go home the following day. Which is fantastic. So you’re talking a 24 hours stay in the hospital for what has traditionally been and still is a major surgery. Sure, yeah, no, absolutely and you know overall then what’s the downtime like if somebody’s active like me and you want to play tennis again what would what would be the you know the downtime for that until you can get back up into the top tip top physical shape so people hear about their neighbor Joe who goes it has a joint replacement done and they’re golfing in one week that that’s a rare entity okay people use a walker for one or two weeks then it came for another couple of weeks really the first three to four weeks are the roughest time once you get to week six week 12 that’s when people feel good and get back to most of their activities but after years of pain and torture a few weeks of of rehabilitation is not a bad thing at all you know which is fantastic yeah and the arthritis pain is gone from the moment you wake up see that’s uh god that’s music to my ears for sure now it you are gonna be sore because this replaced by surgical pain but we know that gets better day by day the by we the trade office is is so wonderful sure if it really is and uh insurance covers it does it does okay all right well you got me you got me convinced dr. Alexander really appreciate it to learn more about dr. Alexander’s upcoming seminars in Q&A sessions visit the Florida Hospital zephyrhills website it’s right there on your screen f h Zeph dot org really appreciate you coming in and thank you so much for my personal consult oh no problem hey pleasure be we’ll be right back

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