New Health Clinic Provides Fast, Convenient Care at Madison College

>>Nurse: When do your clinicals start—do
you know?>>Bill Bessette, reporter: This is Eli Crosley’s
first visit to the new Group Health Cooperative clinic, which is located inside Madison College’s
Health Education building.>>Eli Crosley, Madison College Student: “It’s
very professional, very pristine, very clean, very modern. It’s probably one of the nicest clinics I’ve
actually been in, and that’s including the Mayo Clinic which is where I used to live.” [Door opens]
>>Nurse: “Hey Leslie, did we get the results on that specimen? Yup.”>>Bill: The new clinic has an onsite lab,
as well as x-ray services and ten exam rooms, to better take care of your sprains, strains,
cough, colds, eye, ear, and skin problems, as well as allergies and health exams. Oh…and did I mention that almost all of
the services are free to Madison College students?>>Allison Philipps, GHC Nurse Practitioner:
“It’s very exciting—it’s pretty much a dream that I’ve had to be able to provide students
health care that they need.”>>Receptionist: “Hi, what can I do for you
today?”>>Bill: The GHC Clinic at Madison College
is open to students, faculty and staff, and the community. To learn more or to schedule an appointment—go
to For Madison College Minute, I’m Bill Bessette.

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