New ECU BSOM Professorship Honors Pulmonologist

I’m technically a lung doctor. But I work with a fantastic team that does
nothing but lung cancer and cancers in the chest. My role with that is to support helping get
a diagnosis from potential growths in the chest and also supporting the patients with
any kinds of needs they might need from the lungs. We did was a bronchoscopy, that’s the main
thing that I do. Essentially we go into the lungs and take
a look around with a camera with a light on it and we’re able to sample tissue in the
lungs that has potential cancer in it. We can do that a lot of different ways. He is a high standards, no excuses person
because of his passion for lung cancer care. He’s a very good teacher – very efficient. If something were to happen to my family members
or my relatives, I would just come to him. This is the best place to be for any lung
issues. Mark is somebody who has a passion to think. His technical skills are superb. He cares about everybody, he inspires people
and everything he does is because it matters to every individual he takes care of. Dr. Walker has made me a better physician. So to have his name and this professorship,
it just goes beyond words – I can’t express how humbled and blessed I am.

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