New Clinics at Boys Town National Research Hospital

Hi. I’m Kara Kostal, marketing manager at Boys
Town National Research Hospital. For the past year, we have been undergoing
some renovations at our downtown clinic, and we are excited to welcome you to the new and
improved Boys Town National Research Hospital Medical Clinics Downtown. Right when you enter you will notice that
we expanded our parking lot so that more patients can park right by the front door. There’s also a convenient loading and drop-off
zone if you’d like to drop someone off. Right in the front door, we have clearly labeled
check-in areas for all of our services, allowing for easy check-in. Let’s go check out our clinics. I’m here with Dr. McCarthy, a Boys Town
Pediatrician, checking out the new pediatric space. Dr. McCarthy, what’s new here in the pediatric
clinic? Well everything is new here in the pediatric
clinic. We have a new entryway here that’s separate
off the waiting room, which will be very private and very accessible for our families. Can we check out one of the exam rooms? Absolutely, so here on the left we have 12
brand new exam rooms, which you can see are very very spacious. We’ve gotten great feedback from our patients
already that they enjoy the privacy of the rooms as well as the lighting. This is where the work gets done in the pediatric
clinic. Our providers and our nurses busy here working,
taking care of families, it’s a nice wide open space. Al the nurses then are very accessible to
our families so if there are any questions or anything comes up, that they’ll be right
here. Thank you for joining us on our tour of the
new Boys Town National Research Hospital Downtown Clinics. We look forward to caring for you in our beautiful
new space.

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