New Bendigo Hospital Tour – Level 2

Welcome to the Bendigo Hospital. We’re really delighted to give you a sneak
preview into this wonderful project and some of the great new facilities that will be available
for the community when this new hospital opens in early 2017. I hope you enjoy it and we are all looking
forward to making this new service available to the community in early 2017. Hello and welcome to the new Bendigo Hospital. In this video, we are going to explore Level
2 of the new facility, in particular two different areas – Psychiatry and Intensive Care. We start our tour by taking two flights of
stairs which are located to the left as you enter the Mercy Street main entrance. Alternatively, the public lifts are located
on the right as you come in. Here you are greeted at the main Psychiatry
reception and the view over the internal street is impressive. The colour palette throughout this department
is inspired by the Mount Alexander region. We enter Psychiatry, and begin our journey
in the Parent-Infant Unit – a first for regional Victoria. This allows mothers who have given birth and
may be suffering from mental health problems to remain with their child in a safe and home
like environment. Again, we see open and tranquil communal spaces,
kitchens and courtyards with plenty of natural light. Further along we are entering the Adult area
off to the left as we make our way right towards the Older Persons Unit. All inpatient rooms throughout psychiatry
are private singles with their own ensuite. They also have external views and vented windows
to allow fresh air in. Psychiatry features an incredible array of
natural light and courtyard areas – about 12 of these spaces in total. Some are gender specific courtyards and others
have barbecues, outdoor furniture and exercise equipment. The entire Psychiatry floor is designed to
promote a calming and relaxing environment to assist in the treatment and healing process. As we make our way through extended care and
across the discreet link bridge towards Intensive Care. Although you cannot see it, we are actually
walking over the top of the internal atrium. In the internal atrium are retail spaces,
the main reception desk, cashier, amenities, public lifts and way finding kiosk. Once open, the way finding kiosk will be
be staffed by volunteers who will be able to assist you to find your way throughout
the building. We enter ICU and make our way towards main
Intensive Care area. Again the colour palette has changed – this
time to reflect the Campaspe region. Immediately you can see how this space opens
up to create a beautiful caring environment, for some of our sickest patients. There is 20 intensive care rooms an increase
from 12 in the current facility. You will notice pendants coming from the ceiling. These accommodate medical gases and power
outlets all used in the treatment of patients. Each room has a window with a view over Drought
Street, looking North West across the city or over the internal gardens. Glass in each room can be pixelated for privacy,
or kept transparent to allow improved line of sight for clinicians. The family waiting area also incorporates
a courtyard and has views of the internal gardens. We make our way along the Intensive Care Unit
before departing through the back stairwell. We’re so proud to be able to showcase the
new Bendigo Hospital to our community. It will give people of our region access to
a world class hospital right here in Bendigo.

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