New areas open at Tradition Medical Center

In our observation unit we have practitioners covering 24-7, so that allows us to better diagnose our patients on an ongoing basis consistently. So this is another service to the community which will allow less travel and them to be treated right in their community. The observation unit is going to be very key because it’s designed and the workflows will help us to better diagnose patients in a quick environment so that we know what’s wrong with them and we can be able to start their treatment and their care plan sooner. And then on the second floor is our interventional lab. This is a great addition. This is a tremendous lab. It’s the nicest lab that I’ve ever seen. It’s large and spacious and has just the most modern equipment. Everything is state-of-the-art. Everything is digital and I think it would rival any lab that I’ve seen anywhere. You know, now that we have this we can just start offering better services out of Tradition hospital. That is what I want our patients to know, that we’re doing this for them. We’re doing this for this community because that’s where our hearts are with our patients. Everyone that comes in here, we want to provide the best care.

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